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#InCaseYouMissedIt: @ExaminerCom: #SoFresh Tampa: February 8th, Calling All Local Social Media Pros & Marketers

8 Jan

This note was originally posted on Examiner.Com

This is a quick post based on a Facebook Event created this morning to invite/rally Locals to attend the closest iteration of the Social Fresh Event in Tampa… based on earlier articles posted here, I’m sure y’all can see the value in terms of Networking, Learning and Face-to-Face interaction with those pushing the envelope in the industry…
First I tweeted out the event…
  • Via #FB: for #SoFla Locals (I.e. #SMCSFL, #SMCPBC and #MMS Tweeps) attend @SoFresh Tampa 02/08/10 (Either Carpool/Bus?)
And the event page on Facebook actually reads.


Are you heading to Tampa for #SoFresh on February 8th?

We are trying to rally a few locals here in SoFla to see if we can either carpool, or better yet, hire a bus to take us back and forth, ought to be more affordable than staying there overnight; hafta leverage the proximity, right?

Don’t know what SoFresh is? Cruise was a BLAST, and this ought to be too!

** Social Fresh Website at:


Monday, February 8th, 2010

7am to 6:30pm +/- Happy Hour


Doubletree Hotel Tampa Westshore

4500 West Cypress Street

Tampa, FL 33607

Tel: 1-813-879-4800

Fax: 1-813-873-1832

** Social Fresh Tampa Speakers

Social Fresh flagship events will have on average 30-35 speakers split between two rooms of content, stand alone featured speakers and panels. The below list is just the start of who will be joining us in Tampa.

Check out for a look at all past SoFresh speakers.

So I hope this is a good, advance notice, a sort of “New Year’s Resolution” for those working in the field…

Want to review the whole event? sure! here’s the stash at my blog