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Video of The Day: Scott McLeod’s “Did You Know” Version 4.0, Fall 2009

29 Sep

Here, as recommended by @equalman’s Socialnomics video, another Video of The Day: Scott McLeod’s “Did You Know” Version 4.0, Fall 2009

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From The Second Search Engine: Alvin Toffler’s “Future Shock” Narrated by Orson Welles

28 Sep

Here is a series of videos produced by McGraw Hill, which IMHO, explain why there’s still a pretty large contingent of people that will not embrace these technologies as fast as we’d like them to… Ready to ride the Time Machine?

William Safire, RIP, 1929-2009

28 Sep
  • “Knowing how things work is the basis for appreciation, and is thus a source of civilized delight.”
  • “Saber cómo funcionan las cosas es la base para la apreciación, y es por tanto una fuente de placer civilizado.”
  • “Zu wissen, wie die Dinge funktionieren ist die Basis für Wertschätzung, und ist somit eine Quelle der zivilisierten Freude.”
William Safires Dictionary of Politics

William Safire's Dictionary of Politics

RT @FJPalacio “I think we all have a need to know what we do not need to know.” Apropos William Safire, RIP, 1929-2009 #Quote

Some videos from YouTube:

William Safire

Bill Safire: “It Was My Kitchen…”

William Safire Memorial Speech

“Democrats vs. Republicans”:William Safire and Ted Sorenson

“Youth Involvement”: William Safire and Ted Sorenson

Video of the Day: Social Media Blues! Yeeeehaw!!!

27 Sep

Here’s a fun take on the prevalence of Social Media

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Socialnomics – PRSA Miami Event’s Takeaways…

25 Sep

And this one video, was the highlight of the meeting, somehow encapsulating the next two hours of lively debate amongst the panelists, and in turn, the audience… enjoy!

“I favorited a YouTube video…” Today’s Top Picks as my Channel’s “Debut”

25 Sep

Well, since I’m in the habit of recycling everything here in the blog… howzabout today’s “crop” of YouTube videos? And new channels?

Of course, let me start by ‘plugging’ mine, as most of what’s below is there:

Watching, Creating, Blogging with Images! - YouTube!

Watching, Creating, Blogging with Images! - YouTube!

In there, you will find the following, just posted today; stay tuned for these, as well as future postings of mine, soon to be produced…

These, can be found at teachertubepd’s channel on YouTube … so I subscribed!

These, can be found at lockergnome’s channel on YouTube so I subscribed!

“How to Grow Your Business by Becoming a Cage Rattler.” Commenting…

25 Sep

Handy Business Tools!

Handy Business Tools!

Below is a transcript of a comment on yet another blog entry by Franklin McMahon…Titled “How to Grow Your Business by Becoming a Cage Rattler…” thought of adding to mine, cross-reference the sources, and see how much it’d “rattle” the web, perhaps…

Francisco Palacio

September 25, 2009 at 10:49 am

Rattling + Follow Fridays = Moo-lah?



Makes sense!!!… Serendipitiously, I was just thinking to myself whilst walking the dogs (great time to think, IMHO!) about the parallels of memes such as FollowFridays and our regular “real” patterns of socializing on weekends and what not…

… and that’s off just reading the synopsis!…


“If you are like most entrepreneurs and creative producers, you network in person, make connections on the web, add peeps to your address book and have stacks of business cards. If you initially follow up with people, you may leave it as a “let’s keep in touch, I am sure there are some things we can collaborate on”. Perhaps then the weeks go by, maybe months, and there is no contact. The other person has dropped off your radar and you have dropped off theirs. But try to reboot the connection…” (McMahon, 2009)


Love the reboot simile!… I for one realize that computer “maintenance” routines (i.e. defragmenting, emptying your recycled items, etc) when translated to real life, well… they do work!

So yeah, I do rattle some cages… via Twitter’s #FollowFridays, for example… and via networking events such as NetHispanos, which I just joined… BNI is definitely “organized” Cage Rattling… what with their emphasis on referrals… and Toastmasters? that may also be a way of organized Cage Rattling… not a member, but I’d say that clubs such as Rotary and Lions, they may have been the pre-internet ways of executing such ‘reboots’ in an structured fashion?


At that, what’s been your experience with Tweetups… Prof. De Carvalho (University of Miami) highlighted them yesterday… tips? (or is there a blog entry I have not read yet on the topic?)

As always, appreciated!


Here’s a sample of how I’m organizing myself to rattle a few, even after Follow Fridays is over… by posting them all together in my blog…

(And yeah, thanks for the ‘plug’!)

P.S: Here are Franklin’s “Coordinates” on the web, if anyone wants to follow him…

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