#ClipboardNuggets – Developing My Pitch for #SM (Social Media)

30 Oct

Today, whilst answering an FB-Mail about what I precisely do nowadays**…  an acquaintance stated:

“…do you do web pages and the like?

Beyond the Basics of Today...

My husband and I are starting a new biz… have a website under construction… its okay for now but [we] may decide to do something a little more fancy down the road, right now our cash is tied up in getting the store open…

just curious for future reference...”

So then I replied:

Sure, more than actually helping build sites (I can do some basic Flash for banners and the like) what I tell my customers nowadays is that the current Conventional Wisdom for driving traffic to one’s site, is to look at the Core Business Processes and the Goals of the organization, towards then creating a mix of Social Media ‘Personas’ that allow it to not only rise to the SEO rankings (Search Engine Optimization, I’m sure that has come up in the budget talks) but also to keep YOUR company in the eyes of the actual CUSTOMERS, which for SMB’s (Small-Medium Business) worldwide is now becoming more of a matter of keeping them not only informed, with the latest and greatest promotions, product news, events and the like, but also with the value of being yet another ‘content provider’ in THEIR social media home pages, one that usually brings a smile or two to their days (I’m sure you as the renowned Radio Personality that you are, can vouch for its value, correct?) and even, become the ‘hub’ for many of their ‘communal’ activities.

In other words, sites alone are no longer cutting the mustard, they need to be “garnished”, so to speak, with yummy sides of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Diggit, Reddit, Tweetmeme, Cinch, Meetup.Com, etc, etc…

Then you’ll see the value and the ROI (return on investment) of what you have already spent on the site, and much like many other local businesses that have successfully leveraged these sites, eventually find yourself focusing on them social media gateways as the actual places where the prospects are to be found.

How do we build most everything else? and why not Systems, too?

How do we build most everything else? and why not Systems, too?

I am looking forward then to discussing with you both any eventual plans to deploy a well-thought-out social media strategy for your business.



P.S: Check out this video on my blog, explains a lot about what I said above, visually… enjoy!”


Still with me? Bottom line? Much like it was stated in yesterday’s K-Buzz Presentation, pretty soon we’ll find that SMB’s that are actually doing a LOT (specially once serious e-commerce/merchant apps are present on the FB platform) here in Facebook, may end up replacing their investments,  with ‘free’ time on the Homestream…

… which is why I’ve seriously approached my peers in the Web Design biz, and mentioned that they need to UPGRADE their Toolkits/Skillsets with these “garnish” – as to avoid being sucked into a vortex of obsolescence.

  • Think you’re ready for it now? need a hand, perhaps, making sense of it all?

** And why I do ask? now I realize that the INITIAL thread may shed additional light on WHY hiring someone to “draw the blueprints” of your BUSINESS SM strategy, may be a good INVESTMENT after all… ready?

Found YOUR starting point?

Found YOUR starting point?

(Acquaintance contacted me…)

“Hey Francisco…how’s it going???
A long time ago you advised me to do a fan page for us and told me how to do it, but I don’t remember….

is there a way to transfer a friend page to a fan page??? I am interested in doing so for my personal profile… and so is another friend for his own page…

… help if you can oh technical guru! :)”
So I promptly answered:
“Dear Friend


Sadly, that’s one of the BIGGEST hurdles posed by Facebook, and no, the reason why I told y’all from the get go, it’s because so far, at least in the little I know ’bout them, you have to start from SCRATCH.I’ve seen folks that then let their ‘friends’ know that they need to go over there, and in turn, they “connect” the Fan Page to the Personal Profile, thereby making all updates and content generation START there, and still be published on the Personal Profile.


Sole Caveat about this workaround? those who have then become fans will get the updates DUPLICATED (once for the Friend, and once for the Fan Page)

All of the above actually being the reason why I suggested it from the get-go, have seen many businessess NOT heed that warning, get to the 5k limit on the Personal Profile, and/or find some other hindrance, and end up having to manage (manually) both profiles, segregating friends, from fans, etc.

Hooked up on EDUCATION!

Hooked up on EDUCATION!

Serendipitiously there was a Webinar yesterday about it, and this topic came up, and no, there is no solution up to this minute…. does Facebook know? most likely… will they ever change it? dunno, maybe, everything’s kinda looking the same up to this moment (meaning, profiles, pages and groups are all following the same “Use Cases” and working very much alike)

Hope this helps… and good luck!


P.S: BTW, were you aware that above is now my biz? I’m sure you have one or two peeps in your network that may be able to benefit from your letting them know that now I do this for a living, feel free to forward them my information, I’m covering the whole of Southern Florida (or anywhere anyone wants me to work remotely, too!)


So? Get it now? it PAYS to PLAN ahead, here as well as ELSEWHERE!

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