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#SeenOnAWallNearYou Series: On Mature Technologies, Crocodiles and Vacuum Tubes! (or the joys of Involution)

30 Nov

As usual, it’s on the FB wall (or Twitter, when it’s actually running!) that the ‘action’ is at… so we have nothing to do but to ‘deflect’ it here, perhaps?

So someone started a thread about Oprah and what not… someone said she was ‘over’ soon, and the originator mentioned…

“The numbers are still there. Oprah influence very real today.

I’m reminded of a comment from the 1970’s “Newspapers are dying, but it will take 50 years for them to be gone”

Oprah and network TV are far from “over” (Whitlock, 2009)

So I riposted…
Methinks you just reminded us of how efficient certain ‘species’ are – in their rather ‘outdated’ form… i.e. Gators here in SoFla, Vultures most all over the world, and of course, those KINGS of un-evolution, ’em pests and vermints for whom attempts at change are well, completely unnecessary!…

So will those mediums stick around? of course! they’re finally mature and efficient, much like that AM radio station that we used to work next to, maybe a monthly visit here and there, but the GEAR? efficiently humming day in and day out, built back in the fifties, depreciated many times over – and a veritable cash cow for Clear Channel!

Now, would we need as much people to run ’em places… I guess that’s what gets everyone riled up, that the efficiencies are also part of the automation!… and ironically, IMHO, that the automation was put there to take care of THEIR complaints about ‘this takes too much work’…


What say you, serendipitious reader? is this like the Buggy Whip example in Business School? which was taken away as we later found out about the few buggy whip manufacturers actually having a real great niche market?

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29 Nov

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@daveanddawncook Indeed! #Toastmasters to me is like the BEST #Education Value around, as it thoroughly covers #Leadership and #Oratory

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#Cinch… Que Vacilon! This is SOOO MUCH FUN! (on #Broadcasting #Techniques)

24 Nov

Well, here’s what I did today in terms of EXPANDING my ‘arsenal’ (Forget that silly Kingdoms of Camelot, THIS stuff requires more REAL research than what those fake Alchemists do whilst ‘working’ in that Fake hall!) in terms of leveraging what’s out there, for me and my customers.

This neat little Web Platform, essentially allows you to record and later (well, not so late if you have an iPhone, as they already have an app for it… me? DON’T ask!) publish via shortened URL the recording that was made… knowing the little that I know about Telco, I can only THANK those who came up with this very FORWARD looking application of a traditional Voice Mail system, and I can only think of the day when BTR ties it in, as candidly speaking, this interface has much more HORSEPOWER than the one they have for the basic (read: free/unpaid) one at BTR.

Anyway, the feeling of being able to LEVERAGE otherwise wasted time on the car by ‘creating’ these clips, well, it’s just EXHILARATING to some of us (yeah, I’m writing some CAPS as I’m REALLY, REALLY excited about this!)… and why? well, at least for some of us, a nice oldie and a Venti can get our neurons to jump from synapse to synapse, and with Cinch, there’s no LOSS of the ‘concepts’ or ideas that may pour forth at otherwise UNUSABLE times; in other words, we can not only CAPTURE some great thoughts and ‘audio blog’ with them, but also, maybe have a customer’s script ready to be loaded WHILE we drive to that same customer’s meeting? or otherwise leverage tools that may sit unused for a while in the creation of the segments that would drive our BTR show (which I’m sure is the sole reason why BTR is there along with this interface, speculatively speaking?)

Anyway, here are the tweets, at least for me it was a BLAST, and I hope that y’all find them to be worth your while!…


Why I like #Cinch so much? Some of us DO some #Heavy DUTY #Thinking in our cars… Now there’s a way to #Publish it too

It would not be a #Maiden #Voyage if there were NO Issues AND #Cinch has me #Clinched! #95CNCH!

#95CNCH, born today @ #Cinch A #Segment ‘guessing’ what drove this #Product‘s #Inception “Have #Phone, Will #Broadcast

Mi nueva estacion en #Cinch para los #Hispanos! #95CNCH un trozo de #Spanglish/#Venezuelean para que se rian un rato!

Okidoki! Anyone out there using #Cinch? #95CNCH was born today una nueva ‘estacion’ de radio nacio hoy! (TEST TRACKS 1)

"Can you HEAR me now?... GOOOD"


On #Gr8Tweeps I met at the #SoCruise: @RyanWynia’s #BYOB (Become Your Own Brand)

21 Nov

Well, as I just mentioned to someone who asked about the cruise…

Cruise went BEYOND my wildest expectations, met a ton of people, and must admit, the Cruise Ship environment was a GREAT bonding ‘framework’ as we spent those hours together, sharing, learning, and getting to know each other well…” (Me, 2009)

So as I got this Tweet via TweetDeck (as again, I’m trying to ILLUSTRATE the value of the medium to some stragglers in my FB list…)

Ryan Wynia

@RyanWinya: Hey Francisco! live show tonight if you can catch it! 6PM central! #BYOBSHOW

So I went there… and here’s what I found!

“We’ll be joined by a special guest, Kittie Watson, PH.d. One of Firebone’s key strategic partners, Kittie’s expertise in organizational communication, strategy, coaching and leadership has impacted Fortune 500 corporations such as SonyBMG, Entergy and Pfizer. Kittie creates opportunities for stimulating dialogue, innovation and change for clients across the globe. She has helped clients develop compelling messages around strategy and is focused on building more inclusive cultures. She designed several thought-provoking diversity initiatives including The A.R.T. of Diversity, ROI: Including and Valuing Talent, Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, and Filling the Pipeline: Women in Leadership. Watch the show live streaming or listen live streaming at” (BYOB.COM, 2009)

And of course, here are the links…

Here… save you the clicking OUTSIDE the “Facebook Experience”… (thinkin’ of Mike Haines!)

and/or (above is UStream)… Read More

(Gotta admit, AM sounds ‘great’ when streamed!… saved my day in terms of the #Gators game being PPV OR only at

And yeah, why not? more of what I saw/found at Ryan’s Blog…

Spindle Neurons - Mapping the Social Brain

Here… let me save you the jump over there… BUT do put it on your calendars! (your Neurons SHALL appreciate it!)

“Who you are won’t reach anyone if it doesn’t take root at a behavioral level within the organization. Brand culture is the sociological rituals and organizational style that bring brand beliefs, values, promise and personae to life. Culture is a continual process that involves senior management, management, and employees in every aspect of the organization to structure people, process, and technology for enduring brand success. When a brand consistently makes it from the board room to the break room, it reaches the fingerprints of an organization so every touch with stakeholders is distinctively, uniquely a hallmark or the brand.” (ibid, 2009)

Gotta love the DEPTH of some of my new #Tweeps!!!!…


Need I say more? LOGON! and CALL IN!

#InCaseYouMissedIt: What #SoFresh #SoCruise was ALL about… (#FaceBooster on #BlogSpot and #PhotoShelter)

21 Nov

Social Fresh Cruise – Sessions Announcement

Our goal is for the Conference Sessions to be Fresh, Forward-Thinking, and Interactive. We want the sessions to spark ideas and conversation throughout the cruise whether that be at dinner, by the pool, at the cocktail parties, at the blackjack tables, etc.. After the cruise, the #SoCruise attendees will have a distinct advantage over those who did not attend thanks to a stronger network, new ideas, and rejuvenation from a 4-day Cruise Vacation!

Anchors Aweigh!

Anchors Aweigh!

Four 45 minute sessions are set. We are excited to announce that Chris Brogan will do a Reverse Q&A, Greg Cangialosi will be presenting the Future Interconnectivity of Email & Social Media, Amber Naslund Building ‘Real’ Communities, Jason Keath the future Democratization of specific Industries facilitated by Social Media (a similar panel Jason is pitching for SXSW made it to #8 on the Hot List). The subject matter on these may change slightly as we get closer to the Cruise!

To insure that the content is valuable and relevant to everyone sailing on the Social Fresh Cruise, attendees will pitch Session ideas, Q&As, Panels, interviews, etc. for the remaining 4 sessions. We are going to use IdeaScale to facilitate the process. Many attendees have inquired about the opportunity to speak on the Cruise, this is your chance to speak or suggest a topic. So get your pitches ready and we’ll start the process soon. Follow @SoCruise on twitter for the announcement with link to start making your session pitches.


#Twitter Wanted some #Feedback on THAT #Retweet Feat? … Sez I “Haz/Haz Not…”

20 Nov

Might as well blame it on my proclivity towards recycling that stuff “sitting” on my clipboard, SPECIALLY once it’s gone past a third paragraph…


... The Fun of Micro-Bloggin'... yeah?

... The Fun of Micro-Bloggin'... yeah?

Anyway, Twitter wanted ME to say something about their “new” RT feat… want to hear it?


“Kinda cool, as it ‘preserves’ the original Tweet, one, and second, it allows for bypassing of Third-Party apps, as was the case in the past your web API/interface.

That said, I am one that likes to “Tweak” those retweets, manually, either as a “response” or to “enhance” them with additional hashtags, comments, or other items; that is now lost, and once again, you have the Third Party apps winning hands down in terms of functionality.

Maybe I’m missing the point, but you DID ask for feedback.

Authentically yours,”

#Toastmasters #Etiquette… Tweet from: @FJPalacio

19 Nov

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#Toastmaster Training EVEN covers #Lectern #Etiquette!… Read on!

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