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#InCaseYouMissedIt: @ExaminerCom: #SoCruise’s @GregCangialosi, CEO, Blue Sky Factory – on #GoogleWave and Social Media

29 Dec

These were originally posted in my blog as a set of notes on the sessions occurring at the maiden #SoCruise /@SoCruise voyage; and now here on Examiner.Com as a series on the value these events bring to marketers and individuals who are venturing into this nascent industry.

GregCangialosi is the CEO of Blue Sky Factory, a leading provider of email services, and as such, his keynote titled The Future of Connectivity encompassed a series of thoughts about different communication mediums- and how they become most relevant as we move forward; Greg then illustrated it with the current controversy surrounding the Beta Launch of GoogleWave which for many does not even make sense at all, but according to Greg contains “big implications that people miss out”

These kind of statements come from having “a passion that develops from how business communicate out” as he remarked and ellaborated on previous comments made by Chris Brogan apropos “you live and die by your database” and Lyell Petersen about Twitter remarking “this means you could end up with nothing.”

Cangialosis sees Email “as the glue” yet his company is always thinking about the new tools for business: prospects, current customers, the media, “whatever the audience may be”

His company’s been thinking about how businesses communicate during this whole shift from an organization turning into a publishing organization: where content/engagement marketing as the barriers to entry have been lowered to the point where “you have a webcam and you’re a content producer!” So how do we business people think about them in an integrated fashion is key also to when we think about the future: “A GoogleWave invite, It’s an interesting concept that it’s going to change the way we communicate: And the core piece lies the fact that behind all of this Google has published it as an open standard/protocol for the web (Open Source)

Greg’s intimate knowledge of the current SMTP standard which is in his view “laden with all sorts of issues and the implications for integration are there; so it’s necessary to know enough to be dangerous to one’s current email strategies.”

He concluded by stating that in a few short years, “companies are going to run their own wave servers: in other words, they will follow the mantra of integrate, integrate!” and if needed businesses will also take advantage to combine these google wave servers – all without the issues of current SMTP e-mail.

You can hear the entire audio transcript on my blog

#SoFresh – Tampa

Apropos the above interaction with key social/new media marketers there is an upcoming Social Fresh conference coming to Tampa on February 8, 2010

Social Fresh flagship events will have on average 30-35 speakers split between two rooms of content, stand alone featured speakers and panels. Check out for a look at all past SoFresh speakers.

See the #SoCruise Album at my PhotoShelter Website

See the #SoCruise Album at my PhotoShelter Website

#InCaseYouMissedIt: #95CNCH’s #SeenOnAWallNearYou via @CinchCast.Com: Brian Firth and #NewTechComm-unity #FB

28 Dec

Well, here we are again, connecting dots and applications together as though they were a box of Duplos – or a full blown Mindstorms MIT-worthy robot, perhaps?

This whole interchange happened yesterday thanks to someone interacting on my wall; and for me, once I go past a third paragraph, well I have no other choice but to ask whether or not it ought to become a blog entry; I mean, the passion is there, right?

Brian Firth, from [said] Hey Francisco.. Happy Holidays buddy, we’ll have to catch up next year.. any plans to attend CES or Affiliate Summit?


Francisco Jose Palacio

Francisco Jose Palacio

really, I’m booked down here with local projects, and both are not
really within scope of what I’m up at this point; hopefully eventually
I’ll be able to leverage said conferences…

U a part of both #SMCSFL and/or  – SMCPBC on Facebook or did we meet at #NewTechComm-unity on Facebook


Yeah, gets blurry after so many networking meetings!

Still hafta readup on your projects, seems like you’re really diggin’ deep into the bleeding edge stuff! Ku-dos!

Go Silicon Beach!!!

Yesterday at 11:54am

Francisco Jose Palacio

… and I guess you know about #IZEAFest and @SponTwts, @Sponzai, etc too, correct?

do know Missy Ward, met her in Orlando for last year’s IZEA Fest, she
should be publishing something of mine soon on her blog, about

At that, you heading to Tampa for #SoFresh?
that I’m trying to rally a few locals to see if we can either carpool,
or better yet, hire a bus to take us back and forth, ought to be more
affordable than staying over there, blah, blah, blah…See More


Just got me thinkin’… need to follow my own advice and promote it via FB, TwtVite/TweetVite and even Meetup.Com… BRB!

Yesterday at 11:56am ·
Francisco Jose Palacio

There… duly created and Tweet’d…

  • Per @ExaminerCom: #SoFresh Tampa: February 8th FYI: Discount code: “FL70” For $70 *** First 10 people only*** #SMCPBC

Tks for the idea!… Saludos!

Yesterday at 12:24pm
Brian  Firth

never met in person.. I found you on smcsfl facebook I think… I’m in
and outa Florida so I don’t know too many people on the scene here very

NewTech and Refresh crew are cool, Hopefully they can
organize that barcamp/Wordpresscamp thing again this year and maybe put
them back to back instead of on top of each other..

Whata you up
to? I’m trying to sort out my best options for a social platform..
quick, easy, and cheap would be the best but I don’t wanna get burnt
down the road eather. elgg looks boring, Boonex Dolphin looks like a
dating site, I’ve heard Buddypress still isn’t quite ready..See More

my biggest dilemma, get something to up by CES so I can start building a
community… tech, tv, iptv, smart home, green, telecom, photo, web,
that sort of theme and incorporate as much quality interactive content,
WebTV stuff as possible… JustinTV/Youtube/Facebook for nerds!!

I saw your gator gear on the boat.. Tebow’s going to be a Dolphin next year watch!!

Yesterday at 12:34pm
Francisco Jose Palacio

Francisco Jose Palacio

Hiya again…

Platform? what’s wrong with this one? I am lazy and not really a code
person, more on apps/project manager type; read: love my Shrink Wrapped
stuff, would rather try to make it work read: learn my Workarounds than
having to lay down a single line of code…. yeah, one of those who
actually built sites with FrontPage 98 a decade ago… aha…

as to communities, aren’t there all the pieces? and for free? seems to
me (again, I’m not a developer per se) that there’s plenty to do in
keeping the content updated, heck just creating it (i.e. I post tons of
pictures; that takes a LOT of time… and don’t get me started on ’em
vids!… CPU’s crawl, even nowadays!) takes time… and then getting
people to see it? whoa!… talk about Information Overload!… hahaha!
Tweets, Statuses, Bots, Bit.Ly’s, all that stuff, IMHO, also needs to
be rounded up with a few phone calls, a handful of texts, and above
all, you hafta keep ’em people interested in seein’ each other
regularly… or at least that’s what I help my customers with, AND I’ve
seen most of ’em Social Media ‘masters’ stress profusely…See More

since you’re talkin’ ’bout a wide array of topics, dunno…. think of
Legos, dude… the apps are now pretty much developed, it’s mostly a
matter of puttin’ the stuff together…

Oy!… three paragraphs… can I quote you on my blog? hehehehe!


Yesterday at 1:54pm
Brian  Firth

Frank, I think if I find the right “shrink wrapped” community and plug
in the open social, facebook connect APIs and stick in the right
content/ IPTV partners here and there it should run like a top hands
free!! Let people do what they’re doing anyway, I just want to help
them cash in on all the chatting they’re doing anyway through the
affiliate stuff.

we’ll see 🙂 I’m going to have a SMA group in there too..

Social Media Anonymous !!!

Yesterday at 2:33pm
Francisco Jose Palacio

Francisco Jose Palacio

Twelve Steps?

… I thought we were here to help others join… not leave us!!!!


Wrapped Community?… Howzabout then that “Drupal Distros”… many talk
’bout as the successor to Joomla, and yeah, as far as I know, that’s
like Shrink Wrapped apps used to be in the past; download, install, go,
configure, tweak and maybe plaster a few bits of external/aesthetics,

Lemme know, there’s a New Tech Community Leader ’round
these places that seems to know the stuff down pat, he may be able to
dialogue ’bout it better…

And yeah, I could use a few tips on the affiliate stuff myself, a n00b there as well, must admit!

remember… can I post some of these on my blog? I usually call them
“Seen on a Wall Near You” as this seems to be for many the place where
comments are made – unless you’ve been blogging since forever!


Yesterday at 4:29pm
Brian  Firth

Brian Firth

I’m starting to think Drupal is the way to go too.

Ya, post away! where is your blog?

Yesterday at 7:18pm
Francisco Jose Palacio

Francisco Jose Palacio

keep these two concurrent most of the time… won’t pay for hosted WP
yet… and BlogSpot is Google, so they are giving everything away for
free… yucky as they look, they rock when it comes to letting you do
most anything – and tying it with Docs, Free Hosting, Gmail, and most
relevant of all,Feedburner, which I’ve found out is key to getting ’em
PodCasts out there…

http://fjpalacio.wordpress .com

andSee More


I’ll post then! where would you like the trackback links to go? your blog or your FB profile? Twitter?

Lemme know!

Yesterday at 8:19pm
Brian  Firth
would be great. I got you under friends and web pros!! thanks and merry
whatever you drink your egg nog for this time of year!!
Yesterday at 9:50pm
Francisco Jose Palacio

did!… I drank the EggNog for the Astronomical Marker, dudeeeee!…
Longest night here – and longest day down there where the Emperor
Penguins are!


I will add the link to the future blog entry… BRB…

… 52 minutes ago[YEAH, DO CLOCK THESE THINGS!]
So here we are!  A REAL Wall replica… and a #95CNCH Podcast, to boot!


#SeenOnAWallNearYou Series: Why We #Facebook #Fan #Brands – and for some, why we should be a ‘Fan’ of the Process! #InCaseYouMissedIt

28 Dec

Someone recently commented on my being/becoming a fan of Dell; as I’m unable to do short answers, here’s what I commented on my Facebook page…

“Yup; if you’d like to stay updated on promotions and new products, then updates from the Dell Business (a.k.a. Fan Page) Page will show up on your Live News Feed here in Facebook, much like everything else does.

Are you a fan of Dell? or any other major brand, for that matter?

Are you a fan of Dell? or any other major brand, for that matter?

Major brands are now having their ad agencies add “Digital Strategists” or “Community Managers” to leverage these interactive benefits.

Supposedly the level of granular interaction between both parties (i.e. a customer can complain or comment on a product on the Dell Page; supposed to bypass a LOT of layers, and since it’s a public complaint, the Dell team usually has to respond quicker than before, as it’s their ‘brand’ that’s now publicly being ‘asked’ about something – in ways heretofore never achieved.

For PR Firms, Ad Agencies and many others, it has become both a migraine, as well as an opportunity to monetize what advertisers have already figured out: we ain’t watching much TV, nothing more attractive than watching each other, what we do and like – and what we say, apparently beats most every other ‘broadcast’ put out there, both in print, TV, and even online, as most websites have had also to open up to Facebook and Twitter in their advertising/PR campaigns.

Makes sense now?

One word? “Intelligence” (as in ‘intel’) on those brands/product you favor… delivered right to your Homestream!” (Palacio, 2009)

#Crackberri #BlogTweet from: @FJPalacio

26 Dec

From: @FJPalacio
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#Wonder’in: #Paradigm applies 2 #Typists, #Clipboardists, #Pixelists & #Audioists as how instruments r played

sent via UberTwitter

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Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Buon Natale! Frohe Weihnachten!

24 Dec

Just to share some Seasonal wishes, stop by and see this pic if you’d see fit…

Merry Ones, Everyone!

Francisco Jose Palacio
Twitter: @FJPalacio
Web: http://Sn.Im/FJPalacio
Blog: http://FJPalacio.WordPress.Com
Photos: http://Sn.Im/PhotoShelter

#InCaseYouMissedIt: #PhotoEssays/#EventCoverage/#DocumentedProceedings: #SMCPBC and #NewTechCommunity’s events…

20 Dec

Well, here are a couple of Photo Essays waiting to see the light of day; best part? maybe they’ll entice recipients NOT to miss THIS event tonight:

New Tech Community Holiday Tweetup @ Old Key Lime House

First, the #SMCPBC event…

Find us on Facebook: – SMCPBC on Facebook Basic Info Name:     Social Media Club Palm Beach County Category:     Organizations – Professional Organizations Description:     Social Media Club brings together journalists, publishers, communications professionals, artists, amateur media creators, citizen journalists, teachers, students, tool makers, and other interested collaborators. Essentially the people who create and consume media who have an interest in seeing the “media industry” evolve for everyone’s benefit. Privacy Type:     Open: All content is public. Contact Info Email: Website: Office:     +1.415.577.9022 Location:     Post Office Box 14881     San Francisco, CA Recent News News:     Be sure to follow us on Twitter     @SMCPBC SMCPBC Event Calendar 2009 (Google Doc) SMCPBC Event Calendar 2010 (Google Doc)

And now, the New Tech Community Speed Networking/Kickoff Event: ***

Find us on Facebook: – New Tech Community on Facebook Basic Info Name:     New Tech Community Category:     Internet & Technology – Cyberculture Description:     We are launching a new organization for the Tech Community in South Florida!     Our first meetings will be held mostly in the Boca Raton area with future meetings in many of the tech centers located in South Florida.     Our focus is on developing and unifying the tech community. With unification we can achieve much more for our industry in the area.     Who should come to our events?     Business Developers     Social Media Users     Web Designers     Web Software Developers     Information Architects     Accessibility Experts     Production Artists     Content Writers     Usability Experts     Web Producers     You are invited to join us for one of our events and network with peers that know your industry. (read less)     We are launching a new organization for the Tech Community in South Florida!     Our first meetings will be held mostly in the Boca Raton area with future meetings in many of the tech centers located in South Florida.     Our focus is on developing and unifying the tech community. With unification we can achieve much more for our industry in the area.     Who should come to our events?     Business Developers     Social Media Users     Web Designers     Web Software Developers     Information Architects     Accessibility… (read more) Privacy Type:     Open: All content is public. Contact Info Location:     Boca Raton, FL Recent News Drupal site launched: News:     Roadmap of our new Tech Community:     First thing on our agenda is our organization needs a name.     Site:     Domain name     Logo     Develop site outline/wireframe     Organization:     Incorporation, non-profit     501c3     Events:     Fixed date and time each month     Sponsor list

@ExaminerCom: #SoCruise’s @MissKatieMo – Katie Morse’s – State of The Music Industry –

19 Dec

This was originally posted in my blog as a set of notes on the sessions occurring at the maiden #SoCruise /@SoCruise voyage; and is now live at Examiner.Com

Real Learning from Real Marketers...

Real Learning from Real Marketers...

Katie Morse gave one of the most disruptive keynotes, as in her professional experience she has been able to witness how the internet and Social Media/Networking components and applications such as Twitter have been leveraged by many to conduct what amounts to a virtual shakeup of the foundations of the Music Recording Industry.

Meaning, Katie highlighted that as a whole, the Music Industry remains healthy and viable, as the Concert/Live Performance Markets still manage to generate Revenue, specially when those artists adept at the iTunes model of selling downloadable music are “talking to their fans, as they are being followed on Twitter” and elsewhere, venues such as MySpace and Facebook turn into “the one place to go back to” in terms of fan interaction – and marketing focus.

Her mentioning of the “One Thousand Fans” Axiom, whereby those able to ‘marshal’ a dedicated following reach a certain critical mass (i.e. those thousand dedicated followers) where their message is then re-disseminated over many forums and audiences, thanks to the dedication these fans feel toward the artist; and in many cases, said dedication stems from the levels of near-personal interaction these forums allow them to enjoy: In other words, turning the old-model of the ‘Fan Club’ upside down, yet retaining the magnetism and allure of feeling close to them.

Furthermore, Katie went into more technical aspects of how these new media models have allowed artist such as Imogen Heap to literally involve her fan base into the entire process of creating a new CD,  her setting up her studio at home and broadcasting to the world most every step of the production details.

That said, she brought us back to the realities of old fashioned networking and how it can be further exploited using new/social media, as the fact remains that those Recording Executive who have managed to ‘digitize’ their Rolodex-es, therefore widening the two-way communication between them, the artist and the fan bases, are the ones slowly surging ahead – and with them, gaining converts across the corporate layers that may remain skeptical about the entire paradigm of social/new media.

#SoFresh – Tampa

Apropos the above interaction with key social/new media marketers there is an upcoming Social Fresh conference coming to Tampa on February 8, 2010

Social Fresh flagship events will have on average 30-35 speakers split between two rooms of content, stand alone featured speakers and panels. Check out for a look at all past SoFresh speakers.

#Examiner (@ExaminerCom) My Landing Site/Page… and FIRST Article!

14 Dec

Well, seems like I’m getting somewhere this month, as some said, may have been the ablutions off the Yucatan Peninsula, the training fortwith, or just the fact that ‘nothing but net’ works offlines as well as online…

… anyway, here’s my FIRST ever “Examiner.Com” article, as the Social Media Examiner for Palm Beach County… stop by and say hi! enjoy! (and yeah, I pulled some of this from earlier entries, you’re not seeing double!… and yeah, it’s all ‘ bout the #Twitter!)

A New Gig!

A New Gig!

“First, one should ONLY consider using it when one would actually like or enjoy having the WHOLE world know and watch about all the minutiae that comes along with ‘something’ that anyone may have a proclivity towards speaking – or in this case, writing – about; be it an opinion, a product, or in many cases one’s existing website, blog or product, as its preeminence stems from its ability to quickly amplify most every thought that’s put out there, as the community picks it up and quickly shares it with its members…” (Examiner.Com, 2009)

Apropos, here’s the ‘video’ illustration as well

#InCaseYouMissedIt… Francisco answered ‘Questions Of The Day’ questions in All About Me.

12 Dec
Francisco answered ‘Questions Of The Day’ questions in All About Me.

The Basics
Do you usually dress casual?: ALL the time… member of PAJAMANATION.COM!
Do you sing in the shower?: Nah… save it for KARAOKE!
Do you wrap your hair in a towel after the … shower?: What hair?
Do you brush your teeth before you shower?: WHILST showering!… MUCH better – and less MESSIER!
Do you use deodorant daily?: [SNIFFS, SNIFFS…] Yeah, I think so!

My Favorites
feeling?: ENTHUSIASM! (Etymology? “Behavior Of The Gods”)
oldies song?: “Money” and “Time” by Pink Floyd can Classify?
country song?: ANYTHING BlueGrass, SPECIALLY if Allison Krauss is on it!
hair band song?: What’s a hair-band? NO COMPRENDE!
90’s song?: “Let her Cry” ~ Hootie and the Blowfish

This or That
Shy or a Flirt?: Ask the missus… pass!
Candles or Plug ins?: BURN, BABY BURN!… Candles!
Basketball or Football?: BOTH… NCAAF… and NBA… NFL? TOO QUIET FOR MY TASTE!… Where are the LOUD bands in those games! LAAAAME!
Fix your own car or take it to the shop?: Shop!… they have an app for that too!
White shirt or Black shirt?: Black!

Do You?
have someone on your mind you can’t stop thinking about?: The Missus; otherwise she reminds me via BB Messenger!
watch any football game or just your favorite teams?: Any if I have no choice; religiously watching ’em Gators this year!
tell people you love them often?: Yup; too much, they say, that’s why they call me “The Smotherer”
ever just stay home and don’t leave the house?: Yup, all the time! I telecommute, man!
watch award shows on TV?: NEIN!… maybe the last hour of The Oscars, if there’s no Law & Order somewhere to watch…

Have You Ever
not paid your bill and had your water or electricity turned off?: Why are you asking these?… [THUMBS DOWN]
taken a cold shower?: All the time!… in Venezuela!… NO AGUA!
put makeup on someone while they were sleeping?: Nah!… too mean!
let your dog kiss you on the mouth?: ALL THE TIME!!! That’s what the li’l one is for!!! LICKY KISSY LUCKY!
not realized it was your birthday?: Nupe, I’m too much of a narcissist NOT to start thinkin’ ’bout it a month ahead!

What would you like to accomplish today?: Load up more pics? of our first Halloween ever?
What are you scared of?: Loneliness! (Thank God for Facebook!)
Do you kill spiders or just put them out the door?: KILL!!!!…
Do you read your spouse’s mail?: Nupe… that’s a boundary right there!
Are you good at saving money?: Nupe… that’s what Credit Cards are for!

What was the last exercise you participated in?: Some NICE Yoga with Susan Guglielmo as our Teacher!
Would you rather stop wearing makeup or a bra for a week?: N/A… I’m a DUDE, Dudes!!!!
What has made you a stronger person?: Nam-Myoho-Rengue-Kyo, never fails!
Who do you wish you could cuddle with every night?: THE MISSUS, WHO ELSE! (And yeah, Lucky too!)
Do you give compliments often?: Too many, they also say!

fight you and your partner got into?: Money, what else?
time you had makeup sex?: What’s this??? U guys are weirding me out!
time you bought a pet?: Nupe; both are RESCUED! YAY!
time you had a beloved pet die?: don’t mention it; Lucky’s got melanoma, sooo…..
time you had a child?: Nupe, never got the forms approved by the man upstairs!

As of Now
What time is it?: Don’t know, been answering these silly questions for too long!
What sound do you hear right now?: Fingers typing away? and KT Tunstall in the Background?
Are you alone or with someone else?: Missus is sleeping and dogs are watching me… NEVER alone, thank God!
Where are you?: At home? where else? On the Edge of the Packet Cloud as well???? Duh!
Are you in love?: WITH LIFE!… and THE MISSUS!… and THE DOGGIES!… and Facebook and the people that live in it!… and Tweeps, too!

And then… another page later!!!

Francisco answered ‘The Basics’ questions in All About Me.

Hair Color: What Hair? It’s mostly gone… and the rest? Tan and Brown and WHITE… in my beard!
Eye Color: ah! as Van Morrison would sing it,
Height: with or without heels? (heard they were back in for men!… ayayay)
Profession: Geek, Nerd, Computer Guru, Go To …Guy, GSD-Certified, IT, MIS, Techie?… and now, with a side of PM’ing, to boot!
Relationship Status: Happily married for most of the past 17 years… and yes, to the same wife!
Religious Views: Check my Websites and you shall find out!
What’s Your Sign?: Cusp of Leo, coming out of Cancer! (and a Wood Snake, while we’re at it!)
Any Siblings?: Just one… ENOUGH!
Shoe size: Large?
Where were you born?: Clinica Razetti, Parroquia La Candelaria, Guaire Watershed, Waraira Repano Piedmont… Why?
Innie or Outie: Innie!!! ALWAYS!!!
Righty or Lefty?: BOTH!… Mousey-wisey, that is!
Any pets?: MY DEAR DOGGAS! (TWO!)
What month were you born in?: Check the sign thing to find out… PESKY!

Constructively Speaking… a nice thread on Social Media Certifications (via @UnMarketing)

8 Dec

Apropos this tweet…

#Corrected: @unmarketing “… Future of Social Media Certifications” @TheBrandBuilder #MustRead anyways #FaveTopic ^SM 26 minutes ago from UberTwitter

I jumped into the thread comment to vent out a couple of thoughts…

Stalling at the Gate?

Stalling at the Gate?


(Thanks to Scott for Tweeting about this… even if it was about a typo!… seems like a Pow-Wow by now!)

If I may?

One, I took the time (and even took out a Student Loan) to get my MCP/MCSA certifications… and spend a year at New Horizons, learning HALF of what I did not know (which we usually DON’T KNOW, right?) about the whole Microsoft environment… got a few sneers from some peers, but I’m sure that the GE HR DB also got enough hits out of my resume to help me land my last job… are they valuable? I don’t think that’s in doubt, but I just wanted to remind myself (and whoever read this) that along with Microsoft’s, a peek at the Test Taking site (Thompson-Prometric) allowed one to see that a whole industry was sitting on those servers…

Two, as to certifying bodies and standards: I am a certified PADI Divemaster… why? ‘cuz I follow the PADI standards… and again, SAME scenarios (of plain subjectivity, a human frailty we all seem to be afflicted with – and which also allows for varied offerings to compete in an open market, as Ruth pointed out earlier) where we’d have “pissing contests” between the old salts who thought that PADI was ‘bad’ because of a few feet, a few atmospheres, and whatever other differences they could find, just to validate that ‘theirs’ (meaning such other bodies like NAUI, SSI, etc) was ‘better’…

This being a blog about brands, I can easily foresee a combination of what y’all are talking about, and a future mature industry where different ‘venues’ are offered, as in the end, just as I mentioned earlier, these kind of discussions are sure to ‘chum up the waters’ and bring in the apex predators… the ones with the cash and the stamina to aggregate and catalyze these divergent dialectics into a marketable product that allows, much like y’all have posted, for individuals to “highlight” their abilities (not that they prove anything, yes, as I’ve also seen ‘certified’ IT pros whose personal proclivities left for a lot of room for doubt as to their professionalism) and for companies to ‘segregate’ those whose desire for continuing education (that old process of learning AND unlearning that keeps some of us afloat in these raging labor markets) at least validates their desire to find a way to make it, whether by mere training attendance, or by coagulating what they ‘knew’ from first hand experience, into yet another piece of paper on the proverbial bragger wall.

Greed and other base values will take care of the rest, as this nascent industry matures and gains the recognition it deserves from those we so desperately try to evangelize as to its existence.

A Lifelong Learner – and Unlearner