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28 Dec

Well, here we are again, connecting dots and applications together as though they were a box of Duplos – or a full blown Mindstorms MIT-worthy robot, perhaps?

This whole interchange happened yesterday thanks to someone interacting on my wall; and for me, once I go past a third paragraph, well I have no other choice but to ask whether or not it ought to become a blog entry; I mean, the passion is there, right?

Brian Firth, from www.newwebtalk.com [said] Hey Francisco.. Happy Holidays buddy, we’ll have to catch up next year.. any plans to attend CES or Affiliate Summit?


Francisco Jose Palacio

Francisco Jose Palacio

really, I’m booked down here with local projects, and both are not
really within scope of what I’m up at this point; hopefully eventually
I’ll be able to leverage said conferences…

U a part of both #SMCSFL and/or  – SMCPBC on Facebook or did we meet at #NewTechComm-unity on Facebook


Yeah, gets blurry after so many networking meetings!

Still hafta readup on your projects, seems like you’re really diggin’ deep into the bleeding edge stuff! Ku-dos!

Go Silicon Beach!!!

Yesterday at 11:54am

Francisco Jose Palacio

… and I guess you know about #IZEAFest and @SponTwts, @Sponzai, etc too, correct?

do know Missy Ward, met her in Orlando for last year’s IZEA Fest, she
should be publishing something of mine soon on her blog, about

At that, you heading to Tampa for #SoFresh?
that I’m trying to rally a few locals to see if we can either carpool,
or better yet, hire a bus to take us back and forth, ought to be more
affordable than staying over there, blah, blah, blah…See More


Just got me thinkin’… need to follow my own advice and promote it via FB, TwtVite/TweetVite and even Meetup.Com… BRB!

Yesterday at 11:56am ·
Francisco Jose Palacio

There… duly created and Tweet’d…

  • Per @ExaminerCom: http://bit.ly/4Dp5jD #SoFresh Tampa: February 8th FYI: Discount code: “FL70” For $70 *** First 10 people only*** #SMCPBC

Tks for the idea!… Saludos!

Yesterday at 12:24pm
Brian  Firth

never met in person.. I found you on smcsfl facebook I think… I’m in
and outa Florida so I don’t know too many people on the scene here very

NewTech and Refresh crew are cool, Hopefully they can
organize that barcamp/Wordpresscamp thing again this year and maybe put
them back to back instead of on top of each other..

Whata you up
to? I’m trying to sort out my best options for a social platform..
quick, easy, and cheap would be the best but I don’t wanna get burnt
down the road eather. elgg looks boring, Boonex Dolphin looks like a
dating site, I’ve heard Buddypress still isn’t quite ready..See More

my biggest dilemma, get something to up by CES so I can start building a
community… tech, tv, iptv, smart home, green, telecom, photo, web,
that sort of theme and incorporate as much quality interactive content,
WebTV stuff as possible… JustinTV/Youtube/Facebook for nerds!!

I saw your gator gear on the boat.. Tebow’s going to be a Dolphin next year watch!!

Yesterday at 12:34pm
Francisco Jose Palacio

Francisco Jose Palacio

Hiya again…

Platform? what’s wrong with this one? I am lazy and not really a code
person, more on apps/project manager type; read: love my Shrink Wrapped
stuff, would rather try to make it work read: learn my Workarounds than
having to lay down a single line of code…. yeah, one of those who
actually built sites with FrontPage 98 a decade ago… aha…

as to communities, aren’t there all the pieces? and for free? seems to
me (again, I’m not a developer per se) that there’s plenty to do in
keeping the content updated, heck just creating it (i.e. I post tons of
pictures; that takes a LOT of time… and don’t get me started on ’em
vids!… CPU’s crawl, even nowadays!) takes time… and then getting
people to see it? whoa!… talk about Information Overload!… hahaha!
Tweets, Statuses, Bots, Bit.Ly’s, all that stuff, IMHO, also needs to
be rounded up with a few phone calls, a handful of texts, and above
all, you hafta keep ’em people interested in seein’ each other
regularly… or at least that’s what I help my customers with, AND I’ve
seen most of ’em Social Media ‘masters’ stress profusely…See More

since you’re talkin’ ’bout a wide array of topics, dunno…. think of
Legos, dude… the apps are now pretty much developed, it’s mostly a
matter of puttin’ the stuff together…

Oy!… three paragraphs… can I quote you on my blog? hehehehe!


Yesterday at 1:54pm
Brian  Firth

Frank, I think if I find the right “shrink wrapped” community and plug
in the open social, facebook connect APIs and stick in the right
content/ IPTV partners here and there it should run like a top hands
free!! Let people do what they’re doing anyway, I just want to help
them cash in on all the chatting they’re doing anyway through the
affiliate stuff.

we’ll see 🙂 I’m going to have a SMA group in there too..

Social Media Anonymous !!!

Yesterday at 2:33pm
Francisco Jose Palacio

Francisco Jose Palacio

Twelve Steps?

… I thought we were here to help others join… not leave us!!!!


Wrapped Community?… Howzabout then that “Drupal Distros”… many talk
’bout as the successor to Joomla, and yeah, as far as I know, that’s
like Shrink Wrapped apps used to be in the past; download, install, go,
configure, tweak and maybe plaster a few bits of external/aesthetics,

Lemme know, there’s a New Tech Community Leader ’round
these places that seems to know the stuff down pat, he may be able to
dialogue ’bout it better…

And yeah, I could use a few tips on the affiliate stuff myself, a n00b there as well, must admit!

remember… can I post some of these on my blog? I usually call them
“Seen on a Wall Near You” as this seems to be for many the place where
comments are made – unless you’ve been blogging since forever!


Yesterday at 4:29pm
Brian  Firth

Brian Firth

I’m starting to think Drupal is the way to go too.

Ya, post away! where is your blog?

Yesterday at 7:18pm
Francisco Jose Palacio

Francisco Jose Palacio

keep these two concurrent most of the time… won’t pay for hosted WP
yet… and BlogSpot is Google, so they are giving everything away for
free… yucky as they look, they rock when it comes to letting you do
most anything – and tying it with Docs, Free Hosting, Gmail, and most
relevant of all,Feedburner, which I’ve found out is key to getting ’em
PodCasts out there…

http://fjpalacio.wordpress .com

andSee More

http://facebooster.blogspo t.com

I’ll post then! where would you like the trackback links to go? your blog or your FB profile? Twitter?

Lemme know!

Yesterday at 8:19pm
Brian  Firth

would be great. I got you under friends and web pros!! thanks and merry
whatever you drink your egg nog for this time of year!!
Yesterday at 9:50pm
Francisco Jose Palacio

did!… I drank the EggNog for the Astronomical Marker, dudeeeee!…
Longest night here – and longest day down there where the Emperor
Penguins are!


I will add the link to the future blog entry… BRB…

… 52 minutes ago[YEAH, DO CLOCK THESE THINGS!]
So here we are!  A REAL Wall replica… and a #95CNCH Podcast, to boot!


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    I think the awesome robot and I-95 sign really drove home the essence of these pressing matters covered here.

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