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23 Jun

Well, I’ve been following this thread on LinkedIN, titled “”Employers: How many job openings do you have, and… Job seekers: How long have you been out of work, and why do you think you haven’t been hired?”

… and of course, I’ve been musing out loud and publicly about what’s next; mostly because a lot of the comments give me encouragement about what I’m doing to mitigate the seemingly ‘fruitless’ search, the psychological ‘pain’ of being ‘underemployed’, and the angst that comes from starting a business in the midst of such a large and widespread recession…

Sour Grapes? Maybe… but we all like some Vinegar in our Salads too, right?




Based on the level of hyperactivity, there’s got to be some potential for this thread making it to the news?


Past couple of days, seems like the catharsis of commenting, discussing and otherwise venting is helping most of us?

I for one have found enough encouragement here to keep looking at my options as a future entrepreneur/business person; as someone said, one man shows may not be for all, however, the potential for a future expansion riding precisely on the ability we have to interconnect and work together, in a somewhat ‘outsourced’ mode, make me believe we’re witnessing a sea change in many areas.

I only say it because if there’s one major salient point in what I learned at General Electric, is that those companies are the first ones leveraging all the ‘CMAC-driven’ (Computer Mediated Asynchronous Communication, also the name of my Corporation) technologies; meaning, if there was a better place to learn how to go ‘global’ and work in disperse teams, across time zones, achieving key milestones around the clock and deliverables hitherto impossible to ‘localized’ teams, that was what I witnessed at NBC Universal’s I.T: Most of the people I worked with, I never actually “met”, yet we managed to put in record man hours, and get the projects completed.

I also had a benefit back then of Tuition Reimbursement, which I took right upon onboarding, and ended up at the University of Phoenix Online.

Witnessing how that institution, today the largest private university in America (and hence, the world, perhaps?) leveraged all these online fora, well, it was nothing short of miraculous, as we studied the same way we worked; coordinating schedules across time zones, doing round robins with personnel deployed in the frontlines, and most anywhere in the world, gives me hope tha that the next recovery/expansion will precisely be driven by these technologies now being commonplace.

Which is why I usually remind students/audiences that this so-called “Social Media” or “New Media” revolution, is merely the result of the evolution of what has been called “Groupware” – Collaboration Software, of which places like Facebook, make me believe we’re also witnessing one of the largest ‘Beta Testing’ Groups helping create corporate versions which we’ll soon use to manage and work.

So what’s to stop the small, overqualified, seasoned professional from taking advantage of these being available, if not for free, for very low prices?

I don’t know, but speaking for myself, while I search for most any kind of gig (yeah, I call them gigs now, no need to get too enthused about them being a long term solution to my career; even Millenials, have figured out that most corporations are not about the loyalty to their employees, and see jobs as ‘temporary’, so why not learn from the young ones?) I have also spent countless hours finessing my business plan, developing courseware as adjunct faculty, volunteering for local organizations and networking groups, as after all, that also looks good on one’s LinkedIN Profile: that one did not actually stop doing, but rather, took the advice of Right Management (yeah, that’s yet another benefit from my GE stint, that they sent me there for outplacement, a great set of courses and workshops) and ‘stayed busy’ for all the right reasons.

Is that leading to something? I don’t know exactly where, but based on some of your posts, seems like I am on track for ‘rediscovering’ not only myself, but also the ‘how to’ business and work will be conducted in the near future.

So this is my way of of thanking all the positive comments, digesting the not-so-positive ones, and hopefully, leaving something of value behind.



(Posted on LinkedIN 2010 06 23 1220 EDT)

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