Inconvenientemente Hablando: Where did Old Man Winter go? #GroundhogDay 2012 “Unseasonably Mild”?

29 Jan



Me preparo para un brutal invierno, compro la lenha, count down the days for Punxsutawney Phil (Kitty’s Namesake? So funny!) to play Seer… And we get fifties along Lake Shore Av?

En serio, mucho ruido – y cero bellotas?

Se que quedan casi dos meses… But!

Anyway, enuff ’bout the weather! seen the timeline today? Han visto al leoncio de cobre?

Quienes hayan disfrutado del sitio, favor comentéis!

If you have stared him in the eye and not felt a thing, say it so! And if you DID feel something, can it be shared, too?



Googled/Sourced/#Tarantula Footnote/”Al Cesar lo que es del Cesar”…

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