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#Tigger’s Hour? Or “On The Consequences of #Convos” (The Good Ones, at least!) Re: #NewSpotters

5 Apr

So I’ve tasked myself, again, with nibbling at the meaning of what’s going on around here… this time, serendipitously, across time zones – and at somewhat odd times, considering that the Skype app was running at the Hour of the Tiger, and well, the simple fact that the call DID come through, unhindered!…


“… Age of Miracle of Wonders, it is a Long Distance* Call…”as Simon would put it!


Anyway, here’s what the newfound focus may end  up being about? another ‘seminal’ and oft-referred to piece?

[5:25:29 AM]: But is this explosion of prose good, on a technical level? Yes. Lunsford’s team found that the students were remarkably adept at what rhetoricians call kairos—assessing their audience and adapting their tone and technique to best get their point across. The modern world of online writing, particularly in chat and on discussion threads, is conversational and public, which makes it closer to the Greek tradition of argument than the asynchronous letter and essay writing of 50 years ago.

[5:25:45 AM]: The brevity of texting and status updating teaches young people to deploy haiku-like concision. At the same time, the proliferation of new forms of online pop-cultural exegesis—from sprawling TV-show recaps to 15,000-word videogame walkthroughs—has given them a chance to write enormously long and complex pieces of prose, often while working collaboratively with others.

Yeah, that’s me ‘quoting’ the Clive Wilson piece from 2009 on #NewLiteracy

Anyway, this is just a sketch/outline/bullet’ing of what I’m supposed to post in a few days; unfortunately, GTG, long day starts… I mean, started a couple of hours ago!…

P.S: * Long Distance Calls now being redefined as VoIP Centered ones, all through apps on devices, nothing to do with Analog Transliterations of our  Actual Voices, BUT with simply digitized encodings!… and all at the Speed of Light, lest we forget the real ‘clock’ The Packet Cloud runs at, routers & firewalls notwithstanding!