“Off with their Hats!” – on Clear Thinking, Hemispheres and Predominances (#Discrete #Math Class – the Wraparounds)

5 May

Someone remarked about a post of mine… as we were about to wrap the ‘discrete’ math class…


“…Good post. Your posts are fun to read. I got the Ellison reference too…”


... and howzabout a yellow hat?

… and howzabout a yellow hat?


“One is glad to be of service” M.!

Yes – I’m not 100% clear, as for example, within the “Cloud” of some SaaS? we got True/False… and Null?

(Per earlier post, on the Programming Tools for a certain “no-software” product line)

So yes – how much of it can be reduced to an equation?

Dunno, BUT the class has somehow encouraged me to stop… breathe… think… and DO THE MATH!

Meaning, rather than JUST clicking or toggling (as one may argue that’s ALL one can do to a Boolean, right?… or a Boolean NOT in the Best Coast!) sometimes the consequences, well, that’s where all this logic/math/philosophy falls in…

… and yes, I must admit, wished I had paid MORE attention – it’s definitely a skill worth thousands, as I’m married to someone that swims in math all day long (Taxes) and others in my surroundings, I can definitely tell they took advantage of a “clear thinking” angle, that is definitely a major asset.

Good news? sometimes THEY wonder at what us “Right Hemisphere Predominants” can come up with (specially as we toy and juggle with their logic… and make them smile!)… which brings me to another interesting ‘interpolation’

– anyone heard the once popular comparison between a “Black Hat” and a “Red Hat” thinker?

(Yeah, later ‘transmogrified’ into a certain Distro’s ‘Brand’, aha!)

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