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#Encouragement – “Citius, Altius, Fortius” ( #Olympics – #WorldPeace – #Achievements )

23 Jun

The Daily Encouragement?

"Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, later remarked that one’s inner life is the true Olympics. Life itself is an Olympics where we strive each day to better own personal records."

#Encouragement – on today, reverberating…

20 Jun

The Daily Encouragement…

"Your faith guarantees that an infinite number of your ancestors and descendants will attain Buddhahood. Such is the wondrous power of the Mystic Law. How profound and important is your existence! There is also no greater way to repay the debt of gratitude to your parents than through faith."

#Encouragement: On Vigor’s Rigor…. ( Or: #WorldPeace thru Individual Empowerment leading to Full Mindfulness )

13 Jun

The Daily Encouragement reiterates:

"It all comes down to hope.

If we SGI* members advance with hope and buoyant spirits, then we have nothing to fear in either the present or the future.

The Law** will continue to spread as long as those who uphold it remain vigorous and well."

Daisaku (Sensei) Ikeda

* http://SGI.Org – for full disclosure on our ‘Value Creation Society, International’ – Japanese: Sokka Gakkai International

** Law = Nam Myoho Rengue Kyo = Saddharmapundarikasutra = "The Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law"

(Google "Burton Watson Lotus Sutra" for a recent translation, widely made available)

The TED Blog: Telling Stories, Spreading Ideas

12 Jun

… and someday, after my DTM and getting a PhD, this would either be a hangout – or a stage?

The Blog

This week, TED’s summer conference, TEDGlobal 2013, kicks off in Edinburgh, Scotland. At TEDGlobal, the world’s innovators and thinkers gather to tell stories and share knowledge — it’s where disciplines and perspectives in business, technology, culture, and the arts merge and cross-pollinate, and where attendees are asked to pause and Think Again.

Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it? If you’re not attending, you should know you can always get your dose of TED on the TED Blog, a VIP site. But we should warn you: there’s so much to discover on the TED Blog — it may just overload your brain.

Since many of you are out there writing, creating, and finding ways to share your own ideas with the world, we think that’s a good thing.

TED Blog

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find on the TED Blog:

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New on WordPress for Android: Notifications

12 Jun

Excellent as yes, the Android app I’ve been balancing with traditional email 2 blog… gr8!

The Blog

Version 2.4 of WordPress for Android: Notifications panel on a Samsung Galaxy S3Need to get your Notifications on the go? With version 2.4 of WordPress for Android you’ll see all your Notifications right on your Android device.

Step away yet stay connected

With the new streamlined Notifications view, you can step away from your computer but still stay connected to your readers. With just a few taps you can:

  • Read comment threads and reply.
  • Moderate new pending comments.
  • Get stats highlights.
  • See your new followers and follow them back.
  • See who liked your posts.

Don’t need so many notifications? You can turn off specific notification types (for example “Likes”) in the Settings panel. You can also mute entire blogs if it gets too noisy.

Pending notifications in the notification center

See what’s going on with your blog quickly.

Replying to comments from the notification center

Reply to comments with ease.

Additional improvements and bug fixes

We also added a few more nifty features in this release:

  • A new menu icon has been added that…

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#Encouragement – To seek and find one’s real voice, then leverage it for justice, for #WorldPeace

9 Jun

The Daily Encouragement (by Daisaku Ikeda, PhD) states:

"We have to make ourselves heard. We have to speak out for what we believe in.

When we, the people, boldly state our true convictions – never losing our optimism or sense of humor – the times will change.
When it comes to speaking out for justice, there isn’t any need for restraint.

On the contrary, to be reserved or hesitant under such circumstances is wrong."


#Minddump = One’s Pixellated Bio = @Instagram (… Mis Crónicas Gráficas… Ein Graphisches Kronik?) and the r est? rests at #WordPress!

5 Jun