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29 Jul

#Encouragement: Volunteering for #WorldPeace at a School of Selflessness, one that teaches Other-Centeredness

21 Jul

The Daily Encouragement:

"True and lasting happiness only and always comes from our own efforts, our own wisdom, our own good fortune. This is a fundamental truth. Faith is the key to strengthening our efforts, wisdom and good fortune; SGI activities are the key to strengthening ourselves."

#Encouragement to shoot? (Photos, that is) … OR “#WorldPeace via #Pixellation’s Constellations lying across the Cloud” – Packet one, that is…

20 Jul

a.k.a: The Daily Encouragement?

…matches, with some hard measurements, indeed!

"Our lives are ruled by impermanence.

But simply realizing that changes nothing. There is no value in bleak pessimism.

The challenge is how to create something of enduring value within the context of our impermanent lives.

The Lotus Sutra teaches us how to do this."

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18 Jul

Game Change: Moneyball And The Reality Of Social Business. ( #Reblogged )

13 Jul

Game Change: Moneyball And The Reality Of Social Business..

Good read ( – if you’re into really figuring out what’s going on here, systems-wise, methinks? )


#Epiphany – Tracked, Traced, Tripped!

13 Jul

So one searches a modern two-click-blog… finds:

"Circus Clown" (USPS, Circa 1966)

Which both elucidates and triggers:

– Pagliacci’s Riddle: "Phobias to Trigger as Laughter he is Seeking?"

So: (Wondering about the interpolations/extrapolations that sprout/spawn along the lines set forth by Scully, Wazowski et. al. in terms of Energy Irradiation….

{RECAST: Yodaesque Avatar… #EarWiggle}

Hmmmm… Shallow we not, are!)…

{DUMPCAST: Back2Self}

…and remember: it’s funny ‘cuz it’s true!

(and the more mordant, vitriolic or #Snarkastic?… the deeper we went, seeking to disrupt Cogency!)


(#Psychopathology, too)(and here only because some of ’em Lower Worlds* may have to do with this whole #Gestalt_ic Interlude?)


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11 Jul