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The Daily #Encouragement: On Resolution’ s Lasting Value – and #WorldPeace through individual reformation.

20 Aug

Today’s The Daily Encouragement reminds us about so much, specially when it comes to breaking new ground, trying new things and generating enthusiasm in others…

"To be fearless no matter what happens – that is the root of true happiness. To move forward resolutely regardless of what lies in store – that is the spirit, the resolve, that leads to human victory. But if we allow ourselves to be disturbed by petty criticism and slander, if we fear pressure and persecution, we will never advance nor create anything of lasting value."

By Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, President, Soka Gakkai International


(Ilustration – photo taken by myself, edits done by myself, hopefully steeped in a couple of decades of being a practitioner aiming at living out the traditions embodied in the word "Boddhisattva")

On Travel, Relos & Moves – all forms of visiting this planet of ours.

18 Aug

#Quote “I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world” (Me? Needed this proverbial slap in the face to cheer me up as once again the packing tape and them brown boxes gobble up ’em belongings – “Moving is a form of Travel” methinks?) (Specially as I make new acquaintances and pray for new friends in these excellent lands, where ‘watching from afar’ takes on a new meaning as earlier batches of friends and family are well, so far) Finally: This a #Repost plucked from the #Pinterest Torrent, now turned into an #Instawisdom, perhaps?


That was the repost – then I plucked mine originals, found that like everything else Marketers and DIY’ers had posted their take as a caption on an illustration, and overlaid them impactful ones as follows:


“Moving IS a form of TRAVEL” – said the Snail, Hermit Crab, and yes, myself as yet another address change looms!… looking back on all the people and places throughout these ‘Relos’ a lot to think about, trigger it does! (Good thing this time is but half a mile away! pray some of them neighborly acquaintances to keep, future friends as we already miss them, perhaps?)

Pack away, daaarhling!

Compounds – of #WorldPeace, according to some…

16 Aug


Wondering if #Clarityn is already taken?… yeah, misspelled with a ‘y’…

a word-play on the Clarity this one brings – and without Harmful Ones

(“Side Effects may include…”? – mostly Exhilaration, Elation and Consideration, as Courage and Hope our Hearts fill, indeed!)

….Compounding the #PeacePharma, Bro?!….

No Deductibles, No Politics, No!


(and gotta

#Encouragement: Circumstances = Steppingstones

16 Aug

The Daily Encouragement:

"Certainly there will be times when you wish you had more spending money, more time to sleep and more time for fun and recreation.

You may feel restricted now, but you should consider your current situation as the perfect set of circumstances for your growth.

Within the restrictions that define your present existence, the only thing to do is to discipline yourself and head in the direction of growth and self-improvement.

In the process of exerting yourself in such endeavors, you will without a doubt build and strengthen your character."

Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

(Me? can only say that by adding a ‘Chart’ to track above’s ‘discipline yourself’ portion? Proof positives, aboundin’)


(Added Gandhi to above as an Illustration, based mostly on how much Dr. Ikeda perpetually reminds us of Mohanda’s non-violent struggle, which culminated 67 years ago. Again, to me, more proof that ‘restrictions’ are nothing but.)

#HashTags & #Neighbors & Hemispheres of #WorldPeace – intersecting colors, likes and meaningful times…

15 Aug


(Funny how them #Saffron-tinged Balloons are just there, tinging the interaction even further!)

#Hashtagvana ?

1) Randomly shoot a neighbor’s cluster of #Saffron – soaked flowers;

2) Have someone in this here cloud like and point it out; then,

3) Somewhat coincidentally, when one searches for #Saffron ? … one finds out TODAY is actually the 67th Anniversary of #India ‘s Independence!

Interesting?! U betcha!

(Me? Think that “words of praise… courage” affirmation may fit nicely later on?)

So shall we think of #WorldPeace by Approximations’ Interpolations, perhaps!?

… Namaste!

#SourGrapes: @Instagram ‘s ingesting of that ‘Poison Ivy’-like Feature… #Vine -killer? NOT!

3 Aug


“Release the changes!”

(Google Play Store??? usually follows the fall of my main camera…

and yes, Instagram appears to NOT appreciate the tilt from landscape 2 portrait NOR the opening of my slideout on this D4… Waaazzzzzuppp?)…

No release/upgrade available!

FYI – ( above already posted via GPlay App Fail Tool)

Which apparently is tied to?


These are now happening in sequence… and nothing released for upgrades yet, sorry! 😥


P.S: Worst instance? July 4th…