(V/ @FlipBoard ) Article: Rob May: How the Internet is Killing Innovation

31 Oct

Rob May: How the Internet is Killing Innovation


(Relevant excerpt? echoes with other streams of thought, methinks…)

” Shallow understanding

The internet rewards “urgent” more than “important.”  Sometimes the two overlap, but more often than not, they don’t.  When they don’t, we humans have a natural bias toward the urgent. As a result, we don’t take the time to dig deeper, and really understand things. We move from one shallow urgent topic to another without examination and when someone tries to engage us and make us think deeply, we respond with “too long; didn’t read.”

I agree with Nate Silver, who wrote in his book “The Signal and The Noise” that a certain amount of immersion in a topic will provide disproportionately more insight than an executive summary. Innovation requires insight, which requires a deep understanding of certain topics. The Internet encourages shallow executive summary versions of everything. ”

(May, Rob, 2013)

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