#Encouragement: Unseen Virtue, Inconspicuous Benefit… (#WorldPeace #Buddhism #Benefit)

9 Jan

The Daily Encouragement for January 8th:

"The real benefit of the Mystic Law is inconspicuous. Just as trees grow taller and stronger year after year, adding growth rings that are imperceptible to the human eye, we too will grow toward a victorious existence. For this reason it is important that we lead tenacious and balanced lives based on faith."

Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

(Me? Usually leverage above analogy when encouraging those seeking to master a second language – as trees take so long to grow, yet the care given on an assiduous, daily, relentless basis tends to allow them to eventually give one either shelter, food – or just the joy of sheer beauty… and yes, even applies to a well trained Bonsai, as sometimes past a few conversational phrases, may lie the joy of breaking the ice and starting a conversation in a language both parties may equally share)

(Photo is mine, of a local park with well catalogued deciduous forest)

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