#Encouragement – NOT to let go! ( #WorldPeace through #Individual #Reformation = #Nichiren #Buddhism via #SokaGakkai ) #TDE

5 Mar

The Daily Encouragement:

"The efforts made by one individual can be immensely important.

Nichiren Daishonin repeatedly states that victory depends not on numbers but on a group or individual’s attitude or resolve.

In one passage he writes: "Everyone in Japan, from the sovereign on down to the common people, all without exception tried to do me harm, but I have survived until this day. This is because, although I am alone, I have firm faith [in the Lotus Sutra]"

Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

#TDE – March 3rd –

(Me? Usually astounded at the ‘Chutzpah’ certain individuals display, especially when faced with crowds of discontent… are those the times History has been shaped?… we’ll let History judge them, then!)

#LotusSutra = #Saddharmapundarikasutra, or "The Sutra of The Wonderful Law" or "Myoho Rengue Kyo" which equates/roughly translates to ‘Mystic Law of Simultaneity of Cause & Effect contained/expressed/demonstrated by The Vibrations that Build Life’…

Google also "Richard Causton The Buddha in Daily Life" or "Greg Martin The Buddha in Your Mirror" or also head out to:


for much more on how some manage to build said ‘attitude and resolve’


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