#TDE – #Encouragement: On Committed, Heartfelt Participation (in #WorldPeace-driven #SGI Activities)

19 Mar

The Daily Encouragement for March 19th? On Point!

"By devoting ourselves earnestly to SGI activities, we gain the ability to turn all difficulties and obstacles into benefit, recognizing that earthly desires and delusions are enlightenment and that the sufferings of birth and death are nirvana.

No matter how unpleasant the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can transform them into hope and good fortune – into eternal happiness. How incredible this is!"

Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

As usual by now, I reflect personally on above. In this case, with 3/19 (St. Joseph’s Day in my aboriginal culture/belief system mindset back in 1960’s Venezuela) also becoming a key Milestone in 1994, when my ‘Companion for Kosen-Rufu’ (Wife of + 22 years) and I visited the U.S. of A. briefly – and made an internal commitment to legally migrate into its Society.

Above encouragement encapsulates what made the first decade fly by, although the rate of ascent was so steep – and what made the second decade crash from cruising altitudes we erroneously assumed we had earned to remain into, effortlessly.

So now as I enter this third decade, the task of finding a balance between benefits that bite in their intensity and time-demands, and activities that can impact them negatively, is where the argument for the wisdom gained through heartfelt and thorough examination of the self finds itself becoming ever more valuable.

Focus, it seems, remains an elusive component.

"Sit up straight and meditate on The True Entity of Life" may serve thus (to regain focus)

Of course, connecting these now classic nuggets of observational wisdom with fresher ones, interlaced with the perpetual stream of fresh content we are fortunately endowed with, may also allow for a broader definition of what an ‘activity’ entails/consists of… as in very recent #TDE asking us to reach out and broaden our involvement into our immediate surroundings – especially past the boundaries of our Dharma.

See? "Dependent Origination" meets "Practice what you Post" – across these restless timelines!

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