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#TDE – Encouragement: Character & Focus ( #WorldPeace through Individual Reformation ) #Buddhis,

22 Jul

The Daily Encouragement – on a Milestone Day!

"Without practice or actual efforts, there is no bodhisattva.

Action is the essence of a Buddha. A self-centered life lived solely in pursuit of one’s own benefit and fortune is empty and base.

A Bodhisattva of the Earth, in contrast, respects others and works for their happiness."

Daisaku Ikeda

(Me? Working on it – for a quarter century nowadays, at least)

(guess #WinterQuinto wasn’t done yet, what with mentions of #PolarVortex abounding?) – #Screenblogging

16 Jul

Yup – Historic, this “Late Spring/Early Summer” patterns – pray the crops don’t mind it, puddles all over yesterday, and so much deadly, freakish #weather all over the screen yesterday… (guess #WinterQuinto wasn’t done yet, what with mentions of #PolarVortex abounding?) – #Screenblogging courtesy of @Wunderground Android App – my data/p.o.v, their app)


#TDE – Encouragement on Success, Victory – compared against the Ephemeral Vagaries of Societal Structures ( A #Buddhist #Worldview towards #WorldPeace )

14 Jul

I wanted to share today’s The Daily Encouragement with you.

"Governments come and go, economies rise and fall and society constantly changes.

Only the good fortune that we accumulate during our lives lasts forever.

The true victors are those who cultivate the tree of Buddhahood in the vast earth of their lives, <while> achieving success both in society and their personal lives through true faith and a true way of living."

Daisaku Ikeda, PhD


(Me? Focusing on the ‘while’ statement, perhaps?)


(… and yes… newest #Hashtag?


Yeah – #Blogging / #Illustrating thru #Screenshots!



#Screenlogging – yeah, why not get all this data to help one blog?

11 Jul


So today LeBron went back home (thanks for the rings, but…) Chris stayed and yes, I’m blogging from the laundry (time, time, time – to kill or turn into something useful?)… and yes, looks like I’ll need to get my hands on a new CD – or learn the art of foraging for cool tunes?

#Screenlogging = #Screenshot #Blogging

#TDE – Encouragement: Steadfastness… (#Buddhist Viewpoints on #WorldPeace)

8 Jul

I wanted to share The Daily Encouragement with y’all

"We must make steady and persistent efforts firmly grounded in daily life. If we travel in the orbit of "faith equals daily life," all our prayers will definitely be answered.

We can then lead lives in which all our desires will be fulfilled.

Should all our prayers be answered without our having to make any effort, we would grow lazy.

Should all our desires be achieved without our ever having to experience suffering or hardship, we could not understand the pain and struggles of others, and our compassion would gradually wane."

Daisaku Ikeda

Illustration via @Pinterest (Board: "Sages & Typefaces")