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#Encouragement – Concrete Sources of #Hope and Steps to #WorldPeace, stemming from the individual #TDE

29 Jan

I wanted to share today’s entry of "The Daily Encouragement" by Doctor Ikeda with you.

"Practicing Buddhism means being victorious. In advancing one step at a time amid the realities of our daily lives, in showing concrete actual proof, in becoming victors and successes, we are demonstrating with our very beings the validity of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism and serving as a source of hope and inspiration for those who will follow us on the path of faith."

Daisaku Ikeda

(Me? Been celebrating and mulling over the significance of a choice made two decades ago. That albeit hardscrabble and oftentimes disappointing results may seem, their bleakness can be the catalyst to said victories. And that perhaps in my own individual case, victory can be as simple as being able to continue my search for validity and purpose – as the search itself yields gleanings of a future self better suited to dispense of the weakness)

Also: sometimes to merely put into perspective that, much like in the movie ‘Gladiator’ the fact that our struggles take place in front of a different audience – from that colony in the desert where General Maximus finds his new career to it clearly making sense as he comes full circle and is able to purge the insults to him and his family as the post gives him access to such a stark settlement, the fact that we no longer struggle in places where worsening situations are oft conveyed on daily postings by family and friends, but that our search for meaning and purpose is now taking place at a bigger arena with much higher stakes – what’s not to like?

(As unlike Maximus our starting point was not Rome, but that humble outpost at the edge of civilization)

#Assimilation… in a new #Nation, yeah!

(Illustration brought forth from a ‘message-to-myself’ dated April of ’96)

Encouragement – the chores and joys of one’s practice (#Buddhism & #Worldpeace) #TDE

15 Jan

I wanted to share today’s The Daily Encouragement with you. (Been a while, yes, I know!)

"Doing gongyo every day is a challenge. Introducing others to the practice is a challenge. Getting people to subscribe to our publications is a challenge. Attending meetings is a challenge.

Sometimes it can all become too much and leave one feeling negative and wanting to take a break! Since we are human beings, it’s only natural that we might feel this way on occasion.

The important thing, however, is not to spin out of the orbit of faith. I hope you will continue to pursue the path of Buddhahood steadily and patiently, encouraging one another on your journey."

Daisaku Ikeda, PhD


(Me? Realizing that by now these apparent ‘chores’ are actually great sources of joy – some days getting a taste of what pioneering efforts must have tasted like as meetings are hours away, and there’s not many in town available to practice with you)

Good thing that the cloud at least facilitates information dissemination – so that the next big activity in the big city makes it quicker to the calendar.

(Faintly recall studies that mentioned a similar hopeful feeling about certain trips made way back in 1960 – that’s almost three generations ago by now)

So here’s to balancing Gravity – and Escape Velocity, if you will!

Spin-fully yours,

Pájaro K.

Illustrations – Gathered via @Pinterest under the same Avatar ("Sages & Typefaces" Board)