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#WorksInProgress – Ellen Pao and Gender Issues in the Workplace – specially Tech/I.T. (v/ @UsaToday)

28 Mar

"While Ellen Pao was unsuccessful in proving the facts of her case, this trial sparked an important conversation about women in venture capital, and more broadly, how bias and discrimination play out in today’s workplace," said Joelle Emerson, founder of diversity consulting firm Paradigm. "I am confident this conversation will lead to important changes both in Silicon Valley and nationwide."

From USA Today

Pao’s suit was a tech wake-up call

#TDE – Win, no matter what… (#Buddhist Practice as a member – SGI.Org)

19 Mar

The Daily Encouragement
Date: Mar 19, 2015

By devoting ourselves earnestly to SGI activities, we gain the ability to turn all difficulties and obstacles into benefit, recognizing that earthly desires and delusions are enlightenment and that the sufferings of birth and death are nirvana.

***No matter how unpleasant the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can transform them into hope and good fortune – into eternal happiness. How incredible this is!***

Daisaku Ikeda

(Me? Attesting to above, especially during the past twenty or so, as I grappled with the vicissitudes of assimilation – and an an eventual naturalization – as an American… well, a U.S. Citizen to be exact… today? How timely that the triumphs and trials, continue to follow each other, ceaselessly?… must be doing something right, right?)… as yeah, that’s supposed to be a part of our practice, encountering obstacles should be seen as a positive in terms of how they end up polishing you – as long as the practice is also strengthened, of course, as pointed out here, through constant and sincere participation in activities, no matter how small or humble they seem to be, every effort adds up in the end….

P.S: Timely as today I celebrate a personal milestone – 20 years ago was this dream started, and from the look of things, a dream that continues to unfold, as it pushes me to practice even harder, yet with tons more joy and conviction of a positive outcome, be it achieving an specific goal, or just learning from the process.


“Abundant #Fortune and #Wisdom” – #Stamp from around the time of #FNCC Opening, Circa ’96… as usual, timely and apropos #Encouragement!

16 Mar


#TDE – On Victory, resounding…

16 Mar

The Daily Encouragement
Date: Mar 16, 2015

March 16, Kosen-rufu Day. The spirit of this day lies not in magnificent ceremonies or high-sounding words. It lies in being victorious. That is the most crucial thing in all endeavors. In life and in kosen-rufu, we either win or lose. I would like you to be absolute victors in both. *** No matter what excuses we try to make, giving in to defeat brings misery and loses us the respect of others. *** I hope each of you without exception will adorn your life with indestructible triumph.

Daisaku Ikeda

#TDE – The #Mechanics of our #Practice (On #Gongyo and #Daimoku, assiduously applied, on a twice-daily basis)

13 Mar

The Daily Encouragement for March 13th.

If we don’t practice gongyo, the rhythm of our lives will be thrown off kilter, just as a machine that isn’t oiled will rust.

Gongyo and chanting daimoku are like starting an automobile’s engine every day and driving in the direction of happiness and truth.

By doing so day after day, you will gradually attain perfect unity with the universe and the Law. That state is the state of the Buddha.

Daisaku Ikeda
http://SGI. Org


Transforming – #Gosho Study “The One Eyed Turtle” (#Buddhism via SGI-USA)

7 Mar



“I am certain that many of our members who read this passage can personally attest to its truth, affirming that their encounter with Nichiren Buddhism has made them the person they are today, and that learning about the Daishonin’s teachings in the SGI enabled them to remain true” – Ikeda