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9 Jun

Via SGI Quarterly

Un país entero, quizás?


The Gestation of Impossibility

In the 1970s, Professor Martin Seligman carried out research focused on what has been defined as the process of "acquired impotence": long-term exposure to critical circumstances in which people feel at a "dead end" and, therefore, "impotent." This increasing sense of uselessness blocks the will to mitigate or resolve difficult situations and leads people into a gradual abandonment of "a sense of the possible." This soon transforms into apathy, withdrawal, inactivity and a belief that events are out of their control. In effect, they abandon their sense of personal power and, therefore, also their own fundamental self-worth. If this happens at an individual level, as in the case of NEETs, there will certainly be repercussions in society.

Professor Ugo Morelli has described the influence of cultural processes to which the collective consciousness quickly adapts, creating what he called "passive conformity." This term describes the process whereby feelings of impotence and anxiety caused by uncertainty lead to an acceptance of unfavorable situations. For this reason, it is always easier to limit and contain desires and expectations in order to avoid disappointment, failure and frustration. Gradually, the ability to "desire"–to create and control one’s own future–dissolves and is extinguished in a blackout of hope.

…." SGI Quarterly, 2015


(Me? A lot of us have had to mitigate these through migrating, as old as the history of the world in terms of being a coping mechanism – but how can you leave a country behind nowadays when their pleas are emblazoned on your screen, constantly? … and when some of the cries for help are dining your real-time Inbox?)



(Thought this #Dylan one would apply to the contrary – rising…)

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