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The #Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long #Winter

27 Nov

Yup – as #SeventhWinter fast approaches, must admit, that discovering the beauty (and yes, the quality of clothing!) has become the best antidote.



And finally, people are enamored with the sheer beauty of the season. Leibowitz grew up near the Jersey shore, and "I just took it as a fact that everyone likes summer the best." But deep in the winter in Norway, when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon, multiple hours a day can still look like sunrise and sunset, and against the snow, "the colors are incredibly beautiful," she says. "The light is very soft and indirect."


Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript |

27 Nov

Plucked this excerpt, as of lately, well… yeah, cooking.


Home. The biggest problem with the home is that used to be the heart of passing on food culture, what made our society. That is not happening anymore. And you know, as we go to work and as life changes, and as life always evolves, we kind of have to look at it holistically — step back for a moment, and re-address the balance.


(And the funny I just posted before… a minute before!)



Bill Gates Says These 5 Traits Guarantee Success |

21 Nov

Well, we say that wordy affairs are all within scope of practice, so might as well read – and share, those contributions have to come from somewhere, right?….

… So, me? 2 through 4 I’ve managed to survive – and by some unorthodox metrics, arguably thrive.

Number one, must admit, need to further develop – this year I decided to focus on a couple of areas, as to allow the rest of it to go to where they are funded: work.

(Photography and Writing, together herein; also activism in an area where my family needs me)

Relevant excerpt, then…


1. Knowing how to say no.

This is advice Gates got from Warren Buffett, and it’s extremely useful for everyone, whether you’re rich and successful or not. There will always be an unending supply of opportunities, things to do, causes you care about, and on and on. In this busy world, knowing when and how to say no to projects, social invitations, and other requests for your time may be the most important skill you need. It will allow you to figure out what’s truly important, and then focus your attention there.



What They’re Saying: Faith-Based Organizations on Welcoming Syrian Refugees |

21 Nov

Relevant excerpt:


[N]ow is the time to ensure the U.S. refugee system remains open to those fleeing Syria and who wish to contribute to and strengthen our nation. Calls to impose new limits on Syrian refugees, to impose a religious test on refugees, or to close our doors altogether ignore the reality that the lengthy and rigorous vetting of refugee applications helps ensure our national security while upholding our historic role as a place of refuge…

…" – Garunay, via White House Official Site

These issues hurt because the logic of fleeing, the motivation to start anew and rebuild, is apparently forgotten by those who rabidly question it, burying their efforts once again, this time under the rubble of obvious political objectives – of the most subjective and arbitrary kind.

Comments… Encouragements… Sources… Springs… #Peace

15 Nov

So someone takes the time to encourage one to write thoughtfully… one is able to trace a source… a spring, if you will, as a reminder on "Jubilant Voices" may have been penned, there…

(Underneath an official statement on recent reminders that this struggle, perennial shall be…)

"Thanks M., here’s recent inspiration on them…

"Think long and hard, what approach I should take to best bring hope, inspiration and renewed energy to the person to whom I was writing…

… when I lifted my pen and moved it across the paper, I wrote with all my concentration, wanting to touch the person with my very life – and being"

Ikeda, at his study in Ikeda Hall at #FNCC, on his habitual carrying of thank you notes, as small tokens of appreciation he followed up with…

(Think this medium allows for same, methinks… me tries?)



So one clipboards and retransmits, then, feeling uplifted by that one reader, that one comment…


I Love Myself. Does That Make Me a #Narcissist? | elephant journal

8 Nov

Relevant Excerpt:


And much like our lives are a collection of the way that we spend the hours of our days, our self-love is equally a cumulative, sum-total of how much (or how little) we accept who we are—where we are right now and, yes, things like what we look like.

It’s also a product of what we choose to focus on.


(Me? Found posting agreeable with the need to ‘journalize’ the journey, specially in light of present circumstances…) and how I need to just accept myself, my choices, all good bad and ugly ones, it’s what and who I am.

Yup, I deserve it…

Use one’s #Voice to deliver #Encouragement – #TDE on #Shakyamuni’s

7 Nov

I wanted to share today’s The Daily Encouragement with you.

"Throughout his life, Shakyamuni encouraged people with his clear, sonorous voice.

A Buddhist text describes how Shakyamuni warmheartedly welcomed everyone he met, expressing his joy at seeing them.

He showed affection, joy and gentleness in all his interactions.

He greeted everyone with courtesy and respect.

He never scowled or grimaced.

And to put others at ease and encourage them to speak up, Shakyamuni would always break the ice by initiating the conversation.

It was the power of Shakyamuni’s eloquence and sincerity that made it possible for Buddhism to gain wide acceptance among the people of his time."

Daisaku Ikeda


(Me? Softest (and most relevant) of "Powers")… I mean, some people make it look like a "Superpower" too.