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Parul Sehgal: An ode to envy | TED Talk |

31 Dec

Feelings, breeding art – and art, feeding feelings…

…#Fehgal on #Proust – and a chunk of them libraries!

(And yeah, volumes of relative, subjective introspection, to boot…)


And what does jealousy like? Jealousy likes information. Jealousy likes details. Jealousy likes the vast quantities of shiny hair, the cute little pencil case. Jealousy likes photos. That’s why #Instagram is such a hit.

…” – #TED.Com

(As yeah, some of us found our way back to them illustrated ones – Encyclopedias!)



Abha Dawesar: Life in the “digital now” | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript |

30 Dec

#CMAC – The Ultimate Disruptor, it seems…


 Our story, therefore, needs two dimensions of time: a long arc of time that is our lifespan, and the timeframe of direct experience that is the moment. Now the self that experiences directly can only exist in the moment, but the one that narrates needs several moments, a whole sequence of them, and that’s why our full sense of self needs both immersive experience and the flow of time. Now, the flow of time is embedded in everything, in the erosion of a grain of sand, in the budding of a little bud into a rose.Without it, we would have no music. Our own emotions and state of mind often encode time, regret or nostalgia about the past, hope or dread about the future.


– #TED


Pico #Iyer: Where is home? | #TED Talk Transcript |

25 Dec

“…And home, in the end, is of course not just the place where you sleep. It’s the place where you stand” [… where you become yourself… – Proust]

– Iyer



The Business of Art: An Interview With #Shantell Martin — Bench — Blog

9 Dec

Relevant, indeed…


Seeking respite, Shantell attended Vipassana, a 10-day silent meditation retreat that involves no stimulation of the mind—no reading, writing, or talking—and almost nine hours of meditating a day. The retreat left Shantell with a clarity of purpose so strong that she now credits it as a major turning point in her life, the moment at which her journey as an artist began.


The World in 2030 | Soka Gakkai International (#SGI) #Dewey

9 Dec

Relevant excerpt:


Garrison: The disaster of techno-
science in the contemporary social
context of global capitalism is that we
apply knowledge without wisdom. The
old individualism places knowledge
before wisdom, because it wishes to use
knowledge to exploit nature and other
human beings. The new individualism
seeks to use knowledge wisely to alleviate
suffering and liberate human creativity
and self-expression.

The problem is not the techno-sciences
but the purposes to which they are put.

First, I believe that we must avoid the
excesses of scientism, so that we can
properly understand the power of science
as a cultural phenomenon. We must
avoid harnessing the power of science to
traditional purposes, which often tend to
oppress individuals and groups.

We must release critical, creative
intelligence, as refined by modern science
into all cultural domains, including
religion, the economy, philosophy, the
family and individual life. Humanistic
education emphasizing cultural
criticism, creative imagination and
social responsibility cultivates such new
individualism, which resembles what
you, President Ikeda, call the human
revolution in a single life.

…." – Garrison

#Encouragement – in where change actually lies, prior to… #TDE #Ikeda

6 Dec

The Daily Encouragement for December 6th.

"Where can we find the royal road to reformation and change?

Emerson declared: "Not he is great who can alter matter, but he who can alter my state of mind."

He strongly urged us to undergo an inner reformation. I want you to be assured that the challenge to which we set ourselves day after day – that of our human revolution – is the royal road to bringing about a reformation in our families, local regions and societies.

An inner revolution is the most fundamental and at the same time the ultimate revolution for engendering change in all things."

Daisaku Ikeda

(As for me personally, unable to do much in practical terms in some externals, attempting to work harder on those internals that, as stated above, ought to yield longer terms effects – throughout)