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Adversity? #Quote: “Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you…” #Jarvis, Debra vía #TEDx

19 Sep

#Quote: “Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you…” #Jarvis, Debra vía #TEDx

Relevant Excerpt:


Many years ago, I had a patient, just a wonderful young man who was loved by the staff, and so it was something of a shock to us to realize that he had no friends. He lived by himself, he would come in for chemotherapy by himself, he would receive his treatment, and then he’d walk home alone. And I even asked him. I said, “Hey, how come you never bring a friend with you?” And he said, “I don’t really have any friends.” But he had tons of friends on the infusion floor. We all loved him, and people were going in and out of his room all the time. So at his last chemo, we sang him the song and we put the crown on his head and we blew the bubbles, and then I asked him, I said, “So what are you going to do now?” And he answered, “Make friends.” And he did. He started volunteering and he made friends there, and he began going to a church and he made friends there, and at Christmas he invited my husband and me to a party in his apartment, and the place was filled with his friends. Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you. He decided that the meaning of his experience was to know the joy of friendship, and then learn to make friends.


Debra Jarvis: Yes, I survived cancer. But that doesn’t define me | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript |

Me? Pondering this illustration.


#Whitman – “One Hour to Madness and Joy” from ‘Leaves of Grass’ (… to a parade nearby, this Audio Post or #Podcast ended up being about…)

11 Jul

So we get the study magazine and it features Whitman and that makes us dust off the copy of Leaves of Grass we have been trying to read…. we randomly chose a poet with “Madness” in the title… and then the local High School Marching Band (yeah, as in fife & drums!) is literally displaying the word on their uniforms, emblazoned across?… too many ‘winks’ of #Synchronicity, not to smile about…

And a grid of the parade…


A Dare from Bill – and a Table Topic! #CareToShare

14 Jun

#TDE – Oceans within….

5 Feb


Timely as always…

#TDE via #IkedaQuotes

(guess #WinterQuinto wasn’t done yet, what with mentions of #PolarVortex abounding?) – #Screenblogging

16 Jul

Yup – Historic, this “Late Spring/Early Summer” patterns – pray the crops don’t mind it, puddles all over yesterday, and so much deadly, freakish #weather all over the screen yesterday… (guess #WinterQuinto wasn’t done yet, what with mentions of #PolarVortex abounding?) – #Screenblogging courtesy of @Wunderground Android App – my data/p.o.v, their app)



“Vanidad – de Vanidades” (at 4GLTE Speeds)

12 Jun



One thousand seven hundred and seventy seven … @Instagram Chronicles featuring @WordPressDotCom #Blog

11 May