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Adversity? #Quote: “Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you…” #Jarvis, Debra vía #TEDx

19 Sep

#Quote: “Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you…” #Jarvis, Debra vía #TEDx

Relevant Excerpt:


Many years ago, I had a patient, just a wonderful young man who was loved by the staff, and so it was something of a shock to us to realize that he had no friends. He lived by himself, he would come in for chemotherapy by himself, he would receive his treatment, and then he’d walk home alone. And I even asked him. I said, “Hey, how come you never bring a friend with you?” And he said, “I don’t really have any friends.” But he had tons of friends on the infusion floor. We all loved him, and people were going in and out of his room all the time. So at his last chemo, we sang him the song and we put the crown on his head and we blew the bubbles, and then I asked him, I said, “So what are you going to do now?” And he answered, “Make friends.” And he did. He started volunteering and he made friends there, and he began going to a church and he made friends there, and at Christmas he invited my husband and me to a party in his apartment, and the place was filled with his friends. Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you. He decided that the meaning of his experience was to know the joy of friendship, and then learn to make friends.


Debra Jarvis: Yes, I survived cancer. But that doesn’t define me | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript |

Me? Pondering this illustration.


A Dare from Bill – and a Table Topic! #CareToShare

14 Jun

Nichiren’s #Gosho – on Lessening Karmic Retribution and facing ‘Obstacles’… (#WorldViews on #WorldPeace, attained through individual reformation)

7 Oct


Sadly (or fortunately?) seeking a “Path of Least Resistance” does not ‘jive’ with what we do – we are supposed to rejoice at encountering hurdles.

Why? ‘cuz then we are supposed to grow in the process of overcoming them.

(That’s how the ‘overdrafts’ are also taken care of, so to speak, when seeing ‘karma’ as a sort of an ‘account’, if you will)

Anywho – snapping this snippet of the ‘major writings’ (Jpn – Gosho) as it is pretty timely, indeed.

(Lessen – Vergessen – Mittagsessen… Yup, I can ramble and alliterate in a few!)… a sort of curse, BTW, when the predominant style is ‘plain spoken’

Good morning Cloud.


P.D: Aqui, ‘rambleando’ (elucubrando?) un pelo sobre la conexión entre los retos presentes – y la palabra, incesante y alentadora del fundador


“Vanidad – de Vanidades” (at 4GLTE Speeds)

12 Jun



One thousand seven hundred and seventy seven … @Instagram Chronicles featuring @WordPressDotCom #Blog

11 May


Another ‘Feature’ DayView? #WanderlustWednesdays (o “Cuando Las Quimeras Queman”)

8 Feb

Well, esta semana nos hemos dedicado a “organizar” el blog en función de “segments” los cuales potencialmente nos permitirán “enfocar” los diferentes aspectos que una bien llevada autobiografía nos pueden prestar, ambos como narrativa y como fundación a largo plazo… (and yeah, this time, we beg the main local audience, for the #Spanglish #AudioCaption to come out, as we have been busy with real life today, yet wanted the Segment’s DayView to proceed as ‘freshly’ as possible…)

Anyway, como dicen, para muestra? Un botón!


Y el botón anterior?

Es una pintura del sitio donde aterrice, allá en los sesenta, de un sitio otrora celestial, apodado como “Capital del Cielo”, Ciudad de “Eterna Primavera” y si, un sitio que a est distancia, anhoramos con pasión y nostalgia que solo puede nacer de una decisión tan costosa como un voluntario exilio.

Luego les contaremos mas; por ahora, repito, solo para dejar que el HashTag salga al torrente, y bueno, para no dejar de pasar un solo día sin bloggear!


Ah! Lest we forget, a Weather #Keyframe, courtesy of @WUnderground’s “WUnderous” iPhone app!


#RushOfBlood2TheHead?… Cuando te Despides de un Buen Amigo… Sayin’ Goodbye to a Goodfriend… #DailyJournal-ing (#AudioBlog)

25 Jan

#DailyJournal-ing (#AudioBlog)

… Cuando te Despides de un Buen Amigo… Sayin’ Goodbye to a Goodfriend… no son muchas las emociones, pero todas son profundas, si… when we have to say goodbye to a friend, the emotions are not many, but they are surely deep!


[DISCLAIMER: a) it’s in the chosen Dialect of the Blog, es decir, 21st Century Cloud Spanglish; b) It’s about 10′ long, so… #DulyWarned!; c) Contains Quotes from Buddhist Teachings… #FYI!]