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Adversity? #Quote: “Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you…” #Jarvis, Debra vía #TEDx

19 Sep

#Quote: “Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you…” #Jarvis, Debra vía #TEDx

Relevant Excerpt:


Many years ago, I had a patient, just a wonderful young man who was loved by the staff, and so it was something of a shock to us to realize that he had no friends. He lived by himself, he would come in for chemotherapy by himself, he would receive his treatment, and then he’d walk home alone. And I even asked him. I said, “Hey, how come you never bring a friend with you?” And he said, “I don’t really have any friends.” But he had tons of friends on the infusion floor. We all loved him, and people were going in and out of his room all the time. So at his last chemo, we sang him the song and we put the crown on his head and we blew the bubbles, and then I asked him, I said, “So what are you going to do now?” And he answered, “Make friends.” And he did. He started volunteering and he made friends there, and he began going to a church and he made friends there, and at Christmas he invited my husband and me to a party in his apartment, and the place was filled with his friends. Claim your experience. Don’t let it claim you. He decided that the meaning of his experience was to know the joy of friendship, and then learn to make friends.


Debra Jarvis: Yes, I survived cancer. But that doesn’t define me | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript |

Me? Pondering this illustration.



One thousand seven hundred and seventy seven … @Instagram Chronicles featuring @WordPressDotCom #Blog

11 May


Corpus, Corpuscles, Nuggets and Kernels: #ThoughtTracing? or the #Accruals of Analytics? (#Discrete #Math Class)

21 Apr

So we have a write a paper – I start ‘nominating-through-research’…

“… Took a few mins at the Library (Well, mostly the #Gooracle), again, just in case we all end up ‘voting’ for this topic…

  • Computational linguistics, such as information extraction, corpus analysis, and so on


  • Logic and set theory
  • Enumeration
  • Algorithmic concepts
  • Relations and functions
  •  Graph theory
  • Trees
  • Boolean Algebra

We get to pick a couple – NOT all from above, as they interpolate/intersect/buttress the main topic/headline

So someone actually sells these?

Our insatiable thirst for figuring stuff out?

Our insatiable thirst for figuring stuff out?

Corpus Analysis

One of the key areas of research in how computers can facilitate language learning is the field of corpus linguistics. Simply put, corpus linguistics is the study of language as expressed in samples (corpora) of “real world” texts.

In order to conduct a study of language (or develop a product) which is corpus-based, it is necessary to either gain access to, or develop a corpus of language, and then analyze the corpus using dedicated analysis tools such as concordancing programs. A corpus consists of a databank of natural texts, compiled from writing and/or a transcription of recorded speech. A concordancer is a software program which analyzes corpora and ranks or lists the results, letting us know which vocabulary words and phrases are most frequent (and thus most important to study). The main focus of corpus linguistics is to discover patterns of authentic language use through analysis of actual usage.

Many of our products and services are based on the careful development and analysis of focused-corpora, and depending on your specific needs, we can quickly create, analyze and provide output from corpora for a wide range of purposes.

For example, the popular NHK TV show “Eigo Shaberenaito” recently hired us to develop a list of essential English vocabulary words needed to be successful in business. Within less than 2 months, we were able to create a corpus of over 100 million words of current written and spoken business English, whose analysis yielded a list of 1000 high frequency business English words that are now being taught on their TV show and accompanying online and physical textbooks.

Retrieved from:


(as folks, yet again, companies like the one I service/support, they have placed a TON of resources on updating their Groupware offerings…)

“4. Corpus analysis

First, we checked the distribution of words frequencies in the corpus. A plot of word frequencies is presented in Figure 1. As we can see from the plot, the distribution of word frequencies follows Zipf’s law, which confirms a proper characteristic of the collected corpus.

Next, we used TreeTagger (Schmid, 1994) for English to tag all the posts in the corpus. We are interested in a difference of tags distributions between sets of texts (positive, negative, neutral).

To perform a pairwise comparison of tags distributions, we calculated the following value for each tag and two sets (i.e. positive and negative posts)…”

(And that’s where the need to peek at URL is a must…?)

Retrieved from:

Anyway, I have an hour before this Coffeehouse shuts down… so I hope above helps with the ‘platform’ – and nomination process?Go, #Corpus, GOOOO!”

So that’s one of my school entries – again, enthused by the possibilities! – and realities of a market that continues to elevate a lot of us?

#Tigger’s Hour? Or “On The Consequences of #Convos” (The Good Ones, at least!) Re: #NewSpotters

5 Apr

So I’ve tasked myself, again, with nibbling at the meaning of what’s going on around here… this time, serendipitously, across time zones – and at somewhat odd times, considering that the Skype app was running at the Hour of the Tiger, and well, the simple fact that the call DID come through, unhindered!…


“… Age of Miracle of Wonders, it is a Long Distance* Call…”as Simon would put it!


Anyway, here’s what the newfound focus may end  up being about? another ‘seminal’ and oft-referred to piece?

[5:25:29 AM]: But is this explosion of prose good, on a technical level? Yes. Lunsford’s team found that the students were remarkably adept at what rhetoricians call kairos—assessing their audience and adapting their tone and technique to best get their point across. The modern world of online writing, particularly in chat and on discussion threads, is conversational and public, which makes it closer to the Greek tradition of argument than the asynchronous letter and essay writing of 50 years ago.

[5:25:45 AM]: The brevity of texting and status updating teaches young people to deploy haiku-like concision. At the same time, the proliferation of new forms of online pop-cultural exegesis—from sprawling TV-show recaps to 15,000-word videogame walkthroughs—has given them a chance to write enormously long and complex pieces of prose, often while working collaboratively with others.

Yeah, that’s me ‘quoting’ the Clive Wilson piece from 2009 on #NewLiteracy

Anyway, this is just a sketch/outline/bullet’ing of what I’m supposed to post in a few days; unfortunately, GTG, long day starts… I mean, started a couple of hours ago!…

P.S: * Long Distance Calls now being redefined as VoIP Centered ones, all through apps on devices, nothing to do with Analog Transliterations of our  Actual Voices, BUT with simply digitized encodings!… and all at the Speed of Light, lest we forget the real ‘clock’ The Packet Cloud runs at, routers & firewalls notwithstanding!

#SpringSigns: … Nature’s Relentlessness, now on a Window near you… #Epiphany

24 Mar

Howdy! So we were thinking of a specific time to capture those denuded trees… Guess what? Mama Nature’s Calendar, as prodded by Papa Winter’s disappearance, well…. Just take a look!


That’s a favorite window from #3rdWinter’s photo essay!



(and today’s bio entries on this digitized journal of our lives? Adding a Horoscope, just for Giggles, as it was actually brought up by the Missus – and preserved/filed under ‘Sage Advice’ – for her!









Weather via @WUnderground App
Zoroastrian Advice per Holiday Mathis via http://www.Herald-Review.Com … analog copy at our doorstep! #OldSchool!

#Travel: Amazing Stories from America’s “Gilded Age” – And The Eight Federal Circuit! #History

10 Mar

Amazing Stories from America’s “Gilded Age” – And The Eight Federal Circuit! #History





#Bio: Seems, again, with this tenth layer, that Old Man could not take a joke? Curmudgeon! (#SpringSigns, meet #3rdWinter’s Day 16th!)

5 Mar

Let’s “go to the tape”, shall we?

And of course, here’s the slideshow! (well, not really, dunno if feat is reachable via iOS version! One more “to do”, research never ends at The Kloutynimbus Level!