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#Bio: Seems, again, with this tenth layer, that Old Man could not take a joke? Curmudgeon! (#SpringSigns, meet #3rdWinter’s Day 16th!)

5 Mar

Let’s “go to the tape”, shall we?

And of course, here’s the slideshow! (well, not really, dunno if feat is reachable via iOS version! One more “to do”, research never ends at The Kloutynimbus Level!










#TimelineTuesdays: on Valentine’s Day, some romantic Decor, straight from the Heavens!

14 Feb

So it all began as an app, downloaded a while back, which along with @PInterest and @GooglePlus, a dreaded #Homework item, become hath….

… Add a dreadfully unseasonal season, a romantically laden day, and voila! Here’s me synapses attempting to learn a brand new nomenclature of “Toasters”, “Inkwells” and “1977”‘s – in lieu of 60+ steps to achieve same in my desktops prehistorical copy of PS 6.0!

One word?


Anyway, here is the Tweet, pls follow if u r already an @Instagram user; or check it out, if your phone so allows!


@FJPalacio: #3rdWinter/Day38 an Eighth Layer (Finally!) hath brought? Finalmente, algo de nieve, quizá San Valentin? http://t.co/aFHYYZTu

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And a Valencia layered on a Nashville? Cool! (and yeah, why the Xmas lights still run, too!)


Can’t stop!



DayView: #TimeLineTuesdays – or The What For Of Hashtagging #3rdWinter/Day42

7 Feb

So yesterday we did post a few from @LinkedIN that were filed under #JobsMonday… And today? Well, after ‘FaceWallin’ (one more!) #SenseiSaturdays (‘Zuck’s’ #Spideys’ diligently clustering atop all them Daily Encouragements! Keyword? #Ikeda!)…

… And THAT, if anyone is reading, or like I say to myself, for them cyber archaeologists (or Dr. Harroways at the other end of the Chasm?) is what my proclivity towards hashtags is all about!

Ever heard about them “Trending Topics”? Millenials LOVE them! Hilariously fresh! (and if you watch @HLNTV, or the other #TW outlets, a MUST for modern media?)

Whoa! @Verizon & #RedBox?… thanks Jen!

anyway, as usual, full of tangentials, narrowcasting from an iPhone, here’s my current one, as viewed from a Safari! (Browser, that is!)

Cheers! (Castellano/Spanglish #AudioCaption, soon to follow!)


Unseasonal Season: #3rdWinter/Day49 … Only Weather en 49avo Dia

31 Jan

So today? ONLY weather (via m.wund.com)… Hoy solo hablaremos del clima! Espeluznante! Out of whack!

(Audio Updates to follow, here, soon… Pronto Posteramos Audio y Aqui lo Colocaremos!)


(Can’t say stay warm.. Winter’s taking a break, it seems?… As in Spring Break!?)






P.S: and if you have read/skimmed this far, care to share what you felt when you met this otherwise famous Michigan Av. resident? (Bueller? Did you stare at him too?)


#AudioBlog (in #Spanglish)


Pores’n’BrushStrokes via Panoramio.Com

En el 54avo Dia / on The 54th Day of #3rdWinter: “Warming Up To Reality” / Realidades Candentes

26 Jan

Spanglish Audio brought to you by a Messaging Slideout Phone who thinks very high-ly of himself! …

…Dares to blog, Facebook and Tweet/Tuitiar, too! – in spite of it’s obvias limitaciones!

Hola Audiencia Global… Bueno, eso según WordPress!… Hello Global Audience – At least according to @WordPressDotCom!

Well, who should go first? New Tweeps and FB Friends/Subscribed-tos? Or that “groundbreaking” v-interview?… Quien va de primero? La video entrevista? O los nuevos amigos o fuentes?

El Clima! Let’s do the weather first, shall we?… And hence, can you notice not only the warming trend pun, but also, how lucky we been so far? Nuestra suerte, si no lo han notado, al tener un invierno desganado hasta hoy, quien pensaría que a estas alturas los cuarentas Fahrenheit, “tibios” nos sonarían?

I mean, relativity? Abounds!


that one? WUnderground.Com

This? Belongs to Mr. Icahn, last I heard?


New Like-ers? Followers? Followbacks? And the interview?… iPhone sez WP will see me as @Google, after all these are all frontispieces to the UXML Pages… So let’s just clipboard it, shall we?

@FJPalacio: @Spreecast FYI/Re: #HelpRon via @FJPalacio, 20120124 as requested: “And & Or” http://t.co/1Y8bIHC7 (Now? #FingersCrossed! @LinkedIN #IN)

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Los nuevos amigos? La entrevista? Veanla arriba! Habían 48 ‘views’ ayer!

Make that 57!


And SOOOORRY but St. Steve of The Valley left us sans workarounds for Flash… shall update later! Ahora? A agendear un retuiteo!

Dia 62/62nd Day of #3rdWinter? “Paramo Plummets” & “Hemisferios Encendidos” #FF & #Latinos

20 Jan

Buenos Días, Universo Celestial!

Hoy, reenfocandonos al punto donde queríamos llegar, en función del actual retooling, es decir, que el blog salga antes que nada en Hemisférico Spread One (Castellano); luego vendremos, pasaremos el rastrillo mecanizado y de seguro nos reiremos un rato con la manera como el Google interpretara el Root Alpha y nuestros intentos en Portunhol; hoy hay trabajo en el horario, por lo cual, si los hacemos esperar, mil disculpas!

Entonces al afinar queremos asimismo darle relevancia no solo a la autobiografía sino a la actualidad: el que hatee hubiésemos pensado volver al DVR’d versión of the South Carolina Primary Debate, bueno, que buenas causas hicimos que al final del interludio familiar tan necesario, resulta que no solo vimos el formato destilado y comentado del highlight, sino que @CNN decidió volver a pasar el rerun entero; debemos admitir que el “Plato Fuerte” lo pusieron al comienzo, tremendo “Command Performance” del #ProfesorGingrich en función de las cosas que según dijo en el pasado; y mas que el punto en si, el cual tendemos a olvidar en medio del posterior análisis, fue el como fue manejado, jugando con las audiencias, bases y localidades para un excelente “Tono de Testosterona”…

… En fin, el resto se lo diré en #MP3; por ahora, el nuevo reporte del tiempo, “#BroughtToYouBy @Yahoo & @Apple (and that other choice carrier which I’m afraid to mention due to potential misinterpretations of contractual obligations, yo!)



BUT before I go, and as I am working on getting back into #FF..,

“Young Hispanics in America are eager to lead new types of conversations about their local community to build national credibility. Their socially conscious thinking and their ability to keep conversations moving across multiple channels and platforms via social media allows them to cultivate fresh perspectives and an influential voice. As one of the young Hispanics at the Town Hall told me (after the event), “I am tired of the old guard’s attitude. While I respect the doors they have opened for my generation, they must let go of their anger and use that energy by sharing their wisdom to inspire and guide us. They don’t understand the new generation of Latinos and the challenges that we face. Their voices bring us down.” It is evident that young Latinos are ready to revitalize our (Hispanic) reputation and correct the misperceptions if only the older generations would begin to serve as mentors to enable their voices.”


@wineandgrind: RT @LatinoVoices: “Young #Latinos are Ready to Lead their Local Communities to Build National Creditability” http://t.co/z02cjxHP via @GlennLlopis

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#Tarántulas? R u Happy now? We Cool, u pinches?