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… Seen on a Wall near you… On Sprint’s Coverage and at&t’s travails

11 Sep

Well, let’s see if I can bring some of my conversations with peers and colleagues out of the FB Wall, and share them here in the blog, as after all, they do apply to the topics at hand, IMHO – and better yet, when I pick my latest issue of Fortune and find out an excellent apropos article!


Today, I decided to pluck my conversation with Sean Dillon, from Cyentist Social Media Agency, about first-hand experiences with WWAN providers…

… so here we go!

Sean Dillon Need mobile broadband connection aircard today. Verizon, AT&T or Sprint? Anyone have first-hand reviews??? All comments welcome.

Yesterday at 1:07pm via Twitter

William Chan

Verizon. I always connect. But! But! Depending on where you connect the tower maybe congested. For instance, the Acela down to DC…everyone is on it.

Yesterday at 1:18pm

Francisco Jose Palacio

Echo WC’s, have had Verizon since 2006, no dead zones that I can tell you about…

Actually, I can tell you about a CEMETERY of a ‘dead zone’ that I had to endure in Sprint’s “home turf” of Missouri… Spent a weekend about 70 miles away from KC, visiting my old high school… BB was on Sprint, WWAN on Verizon… While on conference call driving over there, I dropped out from the voice line… an outage, of course, ensued…

Good news? was able to text and chat my way out of the outage using my WWAN Verizon card, while stopped at a Pizza Hut where I decided to have lunch – and tackle the outage at the same time….

Sprint? MIA during the whole weekend, no signal at this town, which for the 5,000 folk that still seemed to be living there, sounded like an insult, again, for a company whose HQ I drove by on the way there…

Only when I got back to KC, was I able to use the BB again… ended up resuming voice comms from the hotel room that night, as again, there was ZERO bars!

Yesterday at 1:32pm ·

Sean Dillon

Hmmm…I too have had good luck with the Verizon card and their coverage map, if you’ve seen it, is quite impressive. They’re price fixing across the board offering the same thing at the same price, so I just had to ask to be sure.

Yesterday at 2:09pm

Sean Dillon

Oh, thanks for the very detailed responses 🙂

Yesterday at 2:09pm

Thing is, is incidents like these which in my mind help shape the destinies of these carriers, specially when I’ve just read these pieces on the latest Fortune, as well as their site’s “Brainstorm Tech” blog, about at&t’s travails with the heavy loads imposed on them by some bandwidth hogs using the iPhone – and how it has even stalled the release of services as prevalent elsewhere, such as MMS.

To quote:

“…carriers are likely to get pickier about the applications they’ll allow on their networks. When Apple (AAPL) unveiled the latest iPhone software in June, developers collectively groaned after the company revealed that AT&T wouldn’t immediately support two of the most exciting (and bandwidth-hungry) new features: MMS, which uses the text-messaging system to send media such as photos and video, and tethering, which allows a phone to share its Internet connection with a nearby computer. (AT&T says MMS will arrive at summer’s end, when the network is deemed ready.) (Fort, Jonn, Fortune, 2009)

Definitely food for thought, as we all run to embrace these handy devices as our main means of communication, or as Sean posited early, think about moving into WWAN devices as our main/alternate connection to the Packet Cloud.

Welcome to The Buffet!

Welcome to The Buffet!

Firefox Update…

10 Sep
Mozilla FireFox, the current browser of Choice...

Mozilla FF 3.5.3

So this morning, after seeing my computer crawl whilst browsing, I finally yielded to applying an update; of course, being aware of this one PC being the “main” one at home, I judiciously applied a System Restore point (Yup, XP SP3) prior to it, as there were also other updates waiting from Microsoft… so from my Crackberri, I posted whilst waiting for the tablet-top to reboot (Yup, a Compaq-HP TC1100, right!)

… Reboots after Mozilla Firefox 353 install… Keeps fingers crossed, that nothing is broken (and thanks the Heavens for system restores!)…

… That and the computing power in one’s Smartphones, that is also a reason for a sigh of relief… [COMPUTER’S UP…]… Let’s see then?

… back to Drucker (and apropos FF update!) “Checking the results of a decision against its expectations shows executives what their strengths are, where they need to improve, and where they lack knowledge or information…” ~Peter Drucker … seriously, CPU is not peaking anymore… but what else may be lurking? [CHUCKLES]

So here I am now, again, watching my Task Manager NOT peaking… and hoping that anyone reading this post may share their success stories – or otherwise! – with this neat little package of Open Source!

Francisco Jose Palacio