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Via @ExaminerCom: @DowntownGarden’s “What’s up With Social Media” Series: Session Four: Open Agenda, thanks to @PBPost

27 Jan


….. As some of you know, our Media Mentoring Societies are meant to be “Locally Grown” yet to have a Global Twist; last night’s proceedings at Downtown at the Gardens proved precisely that, as we had a Facebook acquaintance/friend follow us from Madrid… here’s the exchange:


“Live from @DowntownGardens: A whole CROWD came tonight! Thanks @PBPost (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/bngA)

Yesterday at 7:04pm via Ustream.TV Custom: loading… ·

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@MMSocieties: 2010 01 19 Session: Part One: Overview and Topic Choosing

“Add me to the 4 viewers!

BTW, still waiting on a good explanation about the difference between twitter and facebook 😛

Maybe due to my lack of attention when I watched this (from office)

Nice job by the way, I enjoyed it :)”


“Whoa!… YOU were watching US? From Madrid!???


Really? COOOL!!!!… See More


Did you refer to the slides, BTW?


They’re an INTEGRAL part of what we do… ’em slides allow one to dig deeper into the subject…

Which ones?


The ones on Meetup.Com!


Go ahead! RSVP and make US go Global!

Seriously… we post EVERYTHING there first… UStream is meant to keep us ‘live’ on the web, but there’s also a cleaner (meaning, on a tripod!) video I shoot that gets loaded to Vimeo; usually also a podcast (yeah, we have been remiss, but you may load the Vimeo vids to your iPod/iPhone, right?)

… once you’ve dug through those, we talk!

(we’ve done FOUR sessions so far, covering different aspects of this Brobdingnagian Pachiderm we dare call “Social Media” … IMHO? I prefer Web 2.0 or 2.9, as in the end, it’s just the evolution of the same old tools… right?)




Also, peek at our new e-Newsletter for more… add yourself to the mailing list and/or shoot me an email so I can send you the future ones (we hope to have enough content for a Weekly)

– Socially Yours Premiere Issue -Web Version


… Which in the end, proves the adage “Act Locally, Think Globally” that’s somehow embedded into many of the interactions we conduct on these ‘Social Media’ forums; as mentioned on the video, sometimes it’s more a matter of the QUALITY of the interactions, the fact that people actually care to look at your content, than the actual AMOUNT of people listed on one’s statistics….

Which videos, you may ask? these!

Session Four at Downtown at The Gardens: Open Agenda, Topics covered across the entire spectrum of Social/New Media issues…

One… via Vimeo

Two…via Vimeo (required for LONG videos!)

And the rest, via @UStream (Bookmark us as we’d be stashing our live broadcasts there EVERY Tuesday until the end of February, at least at this location!)



Watch us LIVE Every Tuesday!

Constructively Speaking… a nice thread on Social Media Certifications (via @UnMarketing)

8 Dec

Apropos this tweet…

#Corrected: @unmarketing “… Future of Social Media Certifications” @TheBrandBuilder http://bit.ly/7iztwX #MustRead anyways #FaveTopic ^SM 26 minutes ago from UberTwitter

I jumped into the thread comment to vent out a couple of thoughts…

Stalling at the Gate?

Stalling at the Gate?


(Thanks to Scott for Tweeting about this… even if it was about a typo!… seems like a Pow-Wow by now!)

If I may?

One, I took the time (and even took out a Student Loan) to get my MCP/MCSA certifications… and spend a year at New Horizons, learning HALF of what I did not know (which we usually DON’T KNOW, right?) about the whole Microsoft environment… got a few sneers from some peers, but I’m sure that the GE HR DB also got enough hits out of my resume to help me land my last job… are they valuable? I don’t think that’s in doubt, but I just wanted to remind myself (and whoever read this) that along with Microsoft’s, a peek at the Test Taking site (Thompson-Prometric) allowed one to see that a whole industry was sitting on those servers…

Two, as to certifying bodies and standards: I am a certified PADI Divemaster… why? ‘cuz I follow the PADI standards… and again, SAME scenarios (of plain subjectivity, a human frailty we all seem to be afflicted with – and which also allows for varied offerings to compete in an open market, as Ruth pointed out earlier) where we’d have “pissing contests” between the old salts who thought that PADI was ‘bad’ because of a few feet, a few atmospheres, and whatever other differences they could find, just to validate that ‘theirs’ (meaning such other bodies like NAUI, SSI, etc) was ‘better’…

This being a blog about brands, I can easily foresee a combination of what y’all are talking about, and a future mature industry where different ‘venues’ are offered, as in the end, just as I mentioned earlier, these kind of discussions are sure to ‘chum up the waters’ and bring in the apex predators… the ones with the cash and the stamina to aggregate and catalyze these divergent dialectics into a marketable product that allows, much like y’all have posted, for individuals to “highlight” their abilities (not that they prove anything, yes, as I’ve also seen ‘certified’ IT pros whose personal proclivities left for a lot of room for doubt as to their professionalism) and for companies to ‘segregate’ those whose desire for continuing education (that old process of learning AND unlearning that keeps some of us afloat in these raging labor markets) at least validates their desire to find a way to make it, whether by mere training attendance, or by coagulating what they ‘knew’ from first hand experience, into yet another piece of paper on the proverbial bragger wall.

Greed and other base values will take care of the rest, as this nascent industry matures and gains the recognition it deserves from those we so desperately try to evangelize as to its existence.

A Lifelong Learner – and Unlearner

#InCaseYouMissedIt: What #SoFresh #SoCruise was ALL about… (#FaceBooster on #BlogSpot and #PhotoShelter)

21 Nov

Social Fresh Cruise – Sessions Announcement

Our goal is for the Conference Sessions to be Fresh, Forward-Thinking, and Interactive. We want the sessions to spark ideas and conversation throughout the cruise whether that be at dinner, by the pool, at the cocktail parties, at the blackjack tables, etc.. After the cruise, the #SoCruise attendees will have a distinct advantage over those who did not attend thanks to a stronger network, new ideas, and rejuvenation from a 4-day Cruise Vacation!

Anchors Aweigh!

Anchors Aweigh!

Four 45 minute sessions are set. We are excited to announce that Chris Brogan will do a Reverse Q&A, Greg Cangialosi will be presenting the Future Interconnectivity of Email & Social Media, Amber Naslund Building ‘Real’ Communities, Jason Keath the future Democratization of specific Industries facilitated by Social Media (a similar panel Jason is pitching for SXSW made it to #8 on the Hot List). The subject matter on these may change slightly as we get closer to the Cruise!

To insure that the content is valuable and relevant to everyone sailing on the Social Fresh Cruise, attendees will pitch Session ideas, Q&As, Panels, interviews, etc. for the remaining 4 sessions. We are going to use IdeaScale to facilitate the process. Many attendees have inquired about the opportunity to speak on the Cruise, this is your chance to speak or suggest a topic. So get your pitches ready and we’ll start the process soon. Follow @SoCruise on twitter for the announcement with link to start making your session pitches.








#RequiredReading: Time.Com’s Article on Google Wave (GroupWare)

2 Nov

Apropos all the Brouhaha related to Google Wave… here’s some from the Time.Com People… hope it helps!

“Google Wave is, in short, a remarkably full-featured collaboration and communication tool, powerful enough for enterprise customers and easy enough for civilians. It’s also a warning shot across the bow of pretty much every software company anywhere. It’s amazing how many people’s grills Google is getting up into with this single product. It’s real time like AIM and Twitter (and it can talk to Twitter by importing and exporting tweets).

It’s social and shares media, like Facebook. Anybody who makes an e-mail client or collaboration software should be paying attention to Wave. This is vintage Google: give away a product that does stuff your competitors charge money for, thereby burnishing your public image and, at the same time, sapping your competitors’ will to live.

The Next Email App?

The Next Email App?

But Wave isn’t actually an e-mail killer. In practice, it’s more like an insanely rich IM client. E-mail is asynchronous; you can wait an hour or (if you are, like me, a bad person) a week to answer it.

But because Wave operates in real time, it demands immediate attention like an IM or a phone call or, for that matter, a crying baby. When Wave is up, it’s hard to focus on anything else. That isn’t a defect, but it does narrow the scope of its usefulness. Getting more information right away isn’t always the most efficient way to work.” (Time. Com, 2009)

So here is also the official “What is Google Wave” video from Google’s Website:  http://wave.google.com/

@theKbuzz #kbuzz #TheFaceLift http://thk.bz/1u (#LiveTwitteringSession)

28 Oct


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  3. {WE SEE A NICE POPULATED AD INSIGHTS PAGE] Says @theKbuzz #kbuzz #TheFaceLift http://thk.bz/1u (#AnalyticsFinallyComeOfAge-WhereElse?)17 minutes ago from web
  4. “MAXIMIZE your AD expenses! MONITOR and convert VIA SOCIAL ACTIONS” Says @theKbuzz #kbuzz #TheFaceLift http://thk.bz/1u (#ListenAndLove)18 minutes ago from web
  5. “Now you are able to ‘NANO- and ‘HYPER – TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE!” Says @theKbuzz #kbuzz #TheFaceLift http://thk.bz/1u (#CreatingTheLingo!)19 minutes ago from web
  6. “MOST ADVANCED DEMOGRAPHIC AND KEYWORD-DRIVEN AD PLATFORM” Says @theKbuzz #kbuzz #TheFaceLift http://thk.bz/1u (#DeathOfOldMediaIndeed!)24 minutes ago from web
  7. “Michael Jackson (NOT POTUS!) has the MOST FANS in an #FB Page” Says @theKbuzz #kbuzz #TheFaceLift http://thk.bz/1u (Lost again! GRRRR!)24 minutes ago from web
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  16. “A #FB Public (Business) Profile now really acts as a MICRO-SITE for your biz” @theKbuzz #kbuzz #TheFaceLift http://thk.bz/1u (Me? MACRO-!)39 minutes ago from web
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  19. @theKbuzz GOING ON RIGHT NOW! #Free #kbuzz #Webinar on #Facebook #Fan #Pages for #SmallBiz http://thk.bz/1u #TheFaceLiftabout 1 hour ago from web in reply to theKbuzz
  20. @TheKBuzzabout 1 hour ago from web

“For social networks, it’s game on” (USA Today on FarmVille)

17 Oct

By Jon Swartz, USA TODAY

SAN FRANCISCO — Life on FarmVille has had a transformative effect on Laura Phillips.

For 45 minutes a day, Phillips, a 41-year-old marketing contractor in the Silicon Valley town of Morgan Hill, Calif., gets lost in the digital game on Facebook, managing crops and animals on her virtual farm.

All those Farmers, now VALIDATED!

All those Farmers, now VALIDATED!

“This is my escape from city life; it’s my relaxation,” she says. “Since Day One, I’ve been a complete addict. I lose sleep at night, worrying about my farm.”

Phillips is one of more than 56 million monthly users of the game created by Zynga, a company that specializes in social games for platforms including Facebook, MySpace, iPhone and Bebo. FarmVille had just 354 users on June 20, the day after it launched. It’s widely believed to be the largest and fastest-growing social game ever.

FarmVille‘s addictive qualities tend to sneak up on the casual interloper. Then again, so has its entire genre: Games are the killer app on social networks. Tens of millions of consumers are opting to play simple, quick games on Facebook, MySpace and elsewhere — often via their mobile devices. An estimated 100 million people are recent devotees of social games such as FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Sorority Life and Bejeweled.

The gamers, many of whom eschewed traditional video-game consoles, have spurred revenue for Facebook. The 5-year-old social-networking site recently announced it was operating in the black — a major feat in an industry beset by doubts about its ability to be profitable.

Meanwhile, the radical change in the way Americans play games has had a ripple effect on the $45 billion gaming industry. Developers large and small are designing easy-to-play diversions in hopes of capitalizing on the craze. For some, such as Nintendo and Electronic Arts (EA), it’s a return to simpler graphics and elementary objectives.

Social games are expanding the audience beyond traditional young male video-gamers and casual gamers, who tend to be women over 35. Such games are the hottest thing going in the $13 billion online-gaming market.

Atul Bagga, a gaming analyst at market researcher Think Equity, expects the $500 million to $600 million social-gaming slice of the online market to at least double, to $1 billion, in 2010.

“It is one of the fastest areas of media growth, period,” says Pete Moran, general partner at DCM, a venture-capital firm that has invested in social-game developers RockYou, PlayFirst and Outspark.

Pay to play up

Social games are free, widely available and easy to play. They load in a few seconds and require only a few minutes at a time to play. They allow friends already in contact via social-networking websites to match wits for bragging rights.

“People, at their core, like being social,” says Andrew Stein, vice president of mobile business development at PopCap, maker of Bejeweled, a gem-swapping game with 10 million monthly active users on Facebook.

Gaming is the most popular application category on Facebook and MySpace. There are eight games on Facebook with more than 12 million monthly active players. That surpasses paying customers for World of Warcraft, the most popular multiplayer online game.

Cash Registers Ringin!

Cash Registers Ringin'!

With the equivalent of a large nation of people matching wits on social games, many social-networking companies see dollar signs after years of struggling to come up with revenue models for their business.

“It has the most promising profit potential for us,” says Mike Trigg, vice president of marketing at social-networking site Hi5. One-third of its 60 million members play games on the site. Popular games can generate $2,000 to $5,000 in revenue each day.

Much of the revenue is pouring in via a new model in the USA called “freemium,” as well as old-fashioned advertising.

The freemium model, with roots in Asia, is built on the concept of giving away games, then charging players 25 cents to $10 to buy so-called virtual goods that enhance their gaming experience.

Micro-transactions can be for virtual farm tools, poker chips or swords, depending on the game, says Craig Sherman, CEO of Gaia Online, a social-gaming website that introduced the concept in the U.S. in 2004. It sells more than $1 million in virtual goods a month.

“You can have plenty of fun and not spend a nickel,” says Rob Solomon, a partner at Technology Crossover Ventures, which has invested in Super Rewards, a monetization service for online games and social networks.

To get deeper in games, though, you have to buy virtual goods or invite friends to play via online invitations, creating a potential domino effect on spending, he says.

The worldwide virtual goods market is $5 billion to $6 billion this year, with gaming accounting for about 75% to 80%, says analyst Bagga.

That bodes well for companies such as Offerpal Media, a leader in virtual-currency monetization. In two years, Offerpal has helped facilitate 250 million transactions — more than half of them in gaming.

Meanwhile, advertisers are gravitating to the popular social-gaming sections of social networks to reach tens of millions of consumers.

“It’s attractive real estate,” says Hi5’s Trigg. Hewlett-Packard, Verizon and Netflix are among major brand names running banner ads on MySpace’s gaming areas.

‘Things can change so quickly’

The social-gaming movement took off in 2007, when Facebook opened its site to applications developers.

The chatty nature of Facebook’s enormous user base makes for potential distribution — think electronic word-of-mouth among millions of friends — that game developers would figuratively kill for.

Microsoft, by comparison, has sold more than 30 million Xbox 360 consoles to date worldwide, and Sony has moved 24 million PlayStation 3 devices.

“The eye-opening moment was when Facebook launched the open platform,” says Sebastien de Halleux, chief operating officer of games maker Playfish. “It does not favor brands, retailers or marketing, but pure content. There is no (retail) shelf space to compete for.”

Playfish’s first game on Facebook, Who Has the Biggest Brain?, launched in December 2007 with 200 friends. One month later, 100,000 had played the game. By March 2008, 1 million had played. Today, 20 million.

There are hundreds of players in the burgeoning social-gaming market, but three stand out:

•Zynga’s coterie of games —FarmVille and Mafia Wars included — boasts more than 125 million monthly active users, or about three times the audience of Twitter. It’s the dominant developer on Facebook, and is credited with the first social game, Zynga Poker, in July 2007. Its newest game, CafeWorld, has zoomed to 10 million users in about a week.

“I would be surprised if they don’t go public,” says Mitch Lasky, a general partner at Benchmark Capital. He cites Zynga’s estimated $150 million in revenue this year. Zynga declined comment.

•Playdom, with more than 25 million monthly active users — most of them on MySpace — sold more than $200,000 worth of virtual pink Volkswagen Beetles in two days, Playdom says. Its revenue is about $75 million this year, Lasky estimates.

•Playfish has more than 50 million monthly active players across 10 games on Facebook. The company’s three most popular Facebook games —Pet Society, Restaurant City (“It could not exist outside of social networks,” de Halleux says) and Country Story— attracted more than 32 million players in August.

As popular as social games are, users’ loyalty can be fleeting.

The churn rate for social games is high — two to three months for most titles. Hot gaming categories seemingly change with the seasons. Before Mafia-tinged games were big, zombie games were in. Farm games are hot now; aquarium-themed games are on the upswing.

“Things can change so quickly — just look at FarmVille,” says Charles Hudson, vice president of business development at Serious Business, a 2-year-old start-up that makes social games.

A good chunk of players — 25% to 33% — play a particular game two to three months before moving on, says Ro Choy, chief revenue officer at RockYou, a developer of games played by more than 10 million people a month on Facebook and MySpace.

By comparison, only about 5% are defined as active users who play a title for more than a year.

There also are concerns about privacy. Some users take umbrage at what they call aggressive settings on Mafia Wars and other games that send promotional messages, without their approval, to Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

“People have accused us of being spammy,” says Zynga CEO Mark Pincus.

He says when a user takes an action during a game — say, adopting a stray cow on FarmVille— an e-mail notification is sent to the player’s friends. He adds that such notifications are optional, and that players can choose not to send them. Meanwhile, friends of players can choose not to view such notifications.

Keeping it simple

The new model of gaming simplicity and convenience didn’t come entirely from the Facebook/MySpace/Twitter era.

The megapopular Nintendo Wii and Activision‘s Guitar Hero helped usher in the concept of gaming while socializing, says Trip Hawkins, the Electronic Arts founder who now runs Digital Chocolate, a games developer for social networks, handheld devices and consoles.

Those games, in particular, served as a bridge from traditional games to social games. Games went from complex and graphics-rich to simple and social. A major influence was Nintendo and its introduction of the Wii console in late 2006.

“Nintendo changed all that with Wii. They, like us, did not compete on high-end graphics, production values,” says Playdom CEO John Pleasants.

“It was more about simple graphics, short games and socializing.”

But socializing on Wii and Guitar Hero has limits: Only four people can play at once, and they have to be in the same place.

“The Wii democratized social gaming, but the always-on Internet took it further,” says analyst Bagga. “So, many people who would not play games now do so on Facebook.”

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/gaming/2009-10-15-games-hit-social-networks_N.htm


By Jon Swartz, USA TODAY


SAN FRANCISCO — New companies aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the social-gaming craze. Established video-game companies are leaping into the fray:
Microsoft is making its Xbox Live gaming console available on Facebook and Twitter by year’s end.
Nintendo recently created a Facebook application that lets Wii users correspond with one another. It also launched a Twitter page with a fictional boxing reporter following the main characters of one of its games.
Electronic Arts’ Scrabble is among the most popular games on Facebook, with nearly 500,000 monthly active users. It also is available on iGoogle, iPhone, the Web and other digital platforms.
This year, EA created a social-gaming group led by Robert Nashak, formerly in charge of Yahoo Games.
Ubisoft in July launched its first game on Facebook, called TickTock.
“I haven’t personally been this excited about gaming since the first Nintendo” in the mid-1980s, says Omar Abdelwahed, who is a producer at Ubisoft.

Commenting: “The future is just like the past (but shinier)” Seth Godin’s Blog

5 Oct

Well, I guess Mr. Godin’s so famous now he does not need comments? BLISSFUL!

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

@ SG

“What are you going to do about it? If you were starting your business today, knowing what you know now, how would you do things (very) differently?” (Godin, 2009)

There are key adages in the history of business that should not pass with the epochal changes in technology.

One of those, and how I plan to run my business, is the one about Overhead being the #1 Killer of Small Business and Startups.

I mean, with all the free and powerful applications currently being available and hosted all over the place, I’m sure a bit of research may yield what we once used to call “Shrink Wrapped” solutions to most any quandary; and if not, I’m certain that the codebase and/or hosting of more complicated solutions ought to be at a price point that would make custom code be as poisonous as spending your whole ad budget in a SuperBowl commercial…

IMHO, of course!

#FF – #FollowFridays – #VivaViernes – Sept. 25, 2009

25 Sep

Twittering Away!

Twittering Away!

#VivaViernes, # FollowFridays, #FF, what else but to remember the core components of our communities? que otra cosa que hacer sino recordar a aquellos que mantienen nuestras comunidades en movimiento?

And now also feasible on Facebook/Ahora posible en Facebook, via @Mentions “Tagging” (Etiquetar” feature!… So let’s start, shall we? Comenzamos?

First, Regarding/Primero, En Funcion de Blogging, Social Media – and CMAC

Kare Anderson

Franklin McMahon

Rae Dawn Chong

William Womack

Tatiana Velasquez Munera

Sean Dillon

And when it comes to Photography… y si de Fotografos se trata…

Carlos Baez

Elena Hernandez

Michael D. Colanero

Tracey Ahrendt

Dan Rakofsky

Dane Sanders

Get to know them- and get to know quality… Conozcalos – y conoceran la calidad!

Okay, that’s what I posted on my Facebook Profile this morning… a ellos los publique temprano hoy en mi Perfil de Facebook…

Next? Twitter! Y ahora? El Twitter!

So today, after a great week of learning – and unlearning, of course! Here are a few TOP Twitterers that I feel are worth following… ready?

Entonces hoy, despues de una gran semana de aprendizaje – y des-aprendizaje, por supuesto! he aqui un grupo de Twitterers que me parece que vale la pena seguir… listos?

  • Social Media Mavens/Expertos en Medios Sociales

@equalman @socialmedialist @rdelrio @mediabistro @GuyKawasaki @DiyanaAlcheva @chrisbrogan @Jschlinsky @SocialMediaList @Twitter_Tips @marieforleo @ducttape @t3ddymac @scottsmeester @BrianTomkins @AdOperations @SocialMedia_Biz @wefollow @

  • Photographers and Illustrators/Fotografos e Ilustradores

@NikkiPinder @DixonHamby @danesanders @toSQ @skipschool @twitphotominute @lindyegalloway @WHCCpro @ smashingmag @ thebschool @kissbooks @dqstudios @JLGphoto @PictageJim @BrookTodd @jasminestar @SmugMugPro @ShootQ @ftpworkshops

Finally, here, previous lists of Twitter Follows from previous weeks… soon to be tallied/organized as the ones on top… Stay tuned! Entonces aqui tengo unos Follows de Twitter de semanas anteriores, los cuales organizare pronto… mantenganse en sintonia!

Ways to enhance our Communication, definitely!

Ways to enhance our Communication, definitely!

@Minca_F @mysignaturetv @JaredOToole @Parul_Sharma, @FredricSchwartz @PatchWalker @slideshare @forrester, @Quicklearn @StormDawgTweets @TinaTarkenton @TheUserPool @JimKitzmiller @funBLOG @TechBabe, @Dputamadre @JasonBlairMBA, @Simcci, @milblogging @sir_gerold @JUSTWEETN @tracyselena, NutTheSquirrel @iShowNYC @Roland_Hedley @TomHCAnderson @VAsolutionsNOW @JarrodMorgan @GadgetsFan @translationart, @JesseNewhart @EvertonBlair, @MeetTweeps @jonbischke @CoachLynDee @eBookExpert @TheGazzMan @infoadvantage @Frank_Tentler iBeatYou @FXStefan @MetaPhysics @Juanita_Dalry @Cupcake1486 @MrDatahs @debng @writesuccess @designerg @queryfreewriter @annewayman @copywritingmaven @TXWriter @joannayoung @DebNg @VictoriaStrauss @ArticlesFYI @freelancesearch @ArticlesEngine @SearchQueen @BloggersBaseJob @ReferralKey @OnlineNewsroom @RodSeip @ArticlesFYI @Greg007Collins

… may this token of my appreciation help us all expand our connections! …. espero que esta muestra de agradecimiento nos permita expandir nuestras redes!

#Twitter’s ‘FollowFridays’ for September 11, 2009

11 Sep

Well, might as well recycle this content, and promote my “Tweeps” over in this platform, correct?

Cute Twitter Icons

Cute Twitter Icons

RT@ FJPalacio #FF #FollowFriday appreciating this weeks’ new follows: @Frank_Tentler, @iBeatYou, @FXStefan, @MetaPhysics, @Juanita_Dalry, @AdOperations @Cupcake1486 @MrDatahs @rdelrio @debng @writesuccess @socialmedialist @designerg @queryfreewriter @annewayman @copywritingmaven @mediabistro @TXWriter @joannayoung @NikkiPinder @DixonHamby @DebNg, @VictoriaStrauss @ArticlesFYI, @freelancesearch, @ArticlesEngine, @SearchQueen, @BloggersBaseJob @ReferralKey, @OnlineNewsroom, @RodSeip, @SocialMediaList @ArticlesFYI @Greg007Collins, @SocialMedia_Biz

… Gotta luv ur cut’n’paste tool, indeed! (and the hyperlinks came through, apparently!)

Tweet away, Tweeps!


Luddites Redux: The Social Media Chapter

9 Sep
Luddite Redux?

Luddite Redux?

Personally, I find it rather disheartening to hear these “Luddite” kind of arguments being thrown out at new technology, specially when some of us are aware of the fact that the increasing number of users is merely fueling the ability of the developers to crank out more and more features, and getting some decision makers to start thinking about these “fads” as real business tools, which can help people communicate with each other – and make money in the process.

Today’s argument came from what I’ve come to consider as the proverbial well, Twitter:

@SocialMediaList Social networking: Filling a need or creating one? http://bit.ly/3o5k49 …. 3 minutes ago from twitterfeed

Upon review of the article on the link, penned by Dave Churchill, and after finding that his main angle merely derived on some early adopters now perhaps having moved on to the latest and greatest craze – precisely because of them being early adopters, perhaps?

So this simple fact gave Dave the ammunition to tell himself that, “For my part, I’m going to risk life without social networking…” an argument much like the ones we used to hear – and still do, believe me! – about more mature technologies such as email, texting, and uploading videos to the web (which according to the heads at Google, is not only worth the hassle and money of expanding one of the largest infrastructures ever deployed out in the cloud, as the adage about “a thousand words” echoes in the clips and snippets loaded to it every minute) which, if we are to believe half the hype of certain product launches, are key to key consumer demographics.

Point being, every time I personally hear someone decrying the push others have imposed on them, as in Dave’s case it was a matter of both challenging his age, but also, challenging his need to expand outside the boundaries of what he used to consider to be his job, I can vividly depict the many instances in the history of technology, specially in the last few centuries, where a group of established users challenged the advantages of newer technologies.

Not that I was glad to read his work on the online edition of his publication, which allowed me to get in touch with his point of view at the click of a mouse, but that as we all hear the bad news about the newspaper industry settling into the latter chapters of its history, and as many others have been reshaped by the Internet, is there room nowadays to disregard the advent of such changes?

I for one try to at least find out the “angle” or better, the rationale behind why not only millions of users are congregating in these “watering holes” of information, but also, why are corporations putting their money, sometimes subtly or sometimes with a lot of gusto and bravado, behind them?

In the case of Social Media, a recent article in Fortune stated, much like I’ve been mentioning since I started getting more and more into the application functionality of Facebook, that the time for corporations to start asking for these feature sets in their Enterprise Groupware was near, as those of us in technology know how comfortable it would be to migrate from a large and distributed Exchange organization, for example, onto an SaaS (Software-as-a-Service, the newest moniker for the old ASP, or Application Service Provider business model of the late nineties), thin-client and mobile enabled private, secure version of that same software that we learned to use so well, whilst being facetious with our friends?



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