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En El 64 Día … On The 64th Day of #3rdWinter? #Epiphanies! #Epifanías!

17 Jan

Buenos Días a todos los que quizá leen, los pocos que se subscriben y por supuesto, a los arqueólogos de la nube paquetera, con quienes siempre cuento para motivarme en esta quijotesca aventura en la Blogosfera Circa 2012!

Parte Uno del Audio, nowadays mostly in Spanish, hints of Spanglish for those daring enough? (and the analysts, perhaps?)

Parte Dos (Warning: Contains some politically-driven-drivel… so there, I said I talked ’bout it!… #Primaries, indeed!)

Given the fact that perhaps my voice is not truly resonating in the current echo chamber that constitutes the #SocMed Spheres, that for the sake of acuity, definition and above all, marketability that I’ve decided to highlight my strengths by giving Spanish first billing and who knows, given the boundaryless nature of these communicational streams, give way to a more believable and authentic version of yours truly as after all the time being spent here, now being carefully measured against other, more traditional aspects of the “$earch”


Entonces ahora que estamos un poco mas claros con respecto al enfoque, nuestro tradicional segmento del clima! #Unsponsored by @AlGore’s accoladed Opus on why I am now wondering about all the winter gear, and that quiza la Fourth Layer that just melted, well…

Si! Rehicimos la Aritmética y según hoy es día 64 del #3rdWinter! Son dos meses, quizá los peores, pero con #GroundHogDay solo a…. 16? Días de distancia, q’ les digo…. Seguimos!