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“Take me to your leader” – A few words on my “Heavily Germanized” #Spanglish #Lingo – (at a Discrete Math Class)

6 Apr

To a classmate that asked… about my “Lingo”‘s Provenance… I responded:


Greetings E.

No, I’m not a native Speaker, no

So by now I’ve given up – I have fun with my Heavily Germanized Spanglish, and yes, if anyone like you asks, I’d attempt to ellaborate.


That depends… I ‘crash landed’ in South America in the sixties; visited your Heartland for the first time in the eighties, mom thought plunking down $50k on boarding school would help me learn English… I’ll let you judge the results

I went back to the Tropics (80/60 readings throughout the year, two seasons – moist/less moist, and yeah, all the things one hears about Paradise are true – except no one tells you about the crime and corruption that sometimes accompanies such abundance) where I learned how to run a Business, enjoy life and yes, how much I craved life here… So I came back to your Country in 1995 (heard of Hugo Chavez? I saw the ’92 Coup, front-row Center as he shelled the Presidential Palace) and stayed ever since; your government gave me a certificate so I can vote and not get deported were I ever to be a felon (hope not!)… and yes, I’ve continued to study your customs and mores ever since… and the lingo?… that’s the Social Media doin’ the talkin’!

A fanatic of all things technology, as Gramps was a TV Repairperson, growing up with an Oscilloscope in the same room they’d setup the cot, well… how many times have you watched “The Matrix”… that scene where Cypher goes turncoat…. aha, picture THAT room, that’s where we’d stay overnight at Gramps (think many nights as mom was a single mom with two kids, etc)

So yeah, I’m a rambling, loquaciously exuberant “Resident Alien” whose ways and customs tend to flabbergast many – so you’re in good company!

(Hope this helps)

P.S: ’60 Reading’… Winter’s back to its half-a-year of misery ways, so yeah, today everyone’s wearing shorts and flip flops! shaking off the cabin fever, I guess?


Another ‘Feature’ DayView? #WanderlustWednesdays (o “Cuando Las Quimeras Queman”)

8 Feb

Well, esta semana nos hemos dedicado a “organizar” el blog en función de “segments” los cuales potencialmente nos permitirán “enfocar” los diferentes aspectos que una bien llevada autobiografía nos pueden prestar, ambos como narrativa y como fundación a largo plazo… (and yeah, this time, we beg the main local audience, for the #Spanglish #AudioCaption to come out, as we have been busy with real life today, yet wanted the Segment’s DayView to proceed as ‘freshly’ as possible…)

Anyway, como dicen, para muestra? Un botón!


Y el botón anterior?

Es una pintura del sitio donde aterrice, allá en los sesenta, de un sitio otrora celestial, apodado como “Capital del Cielo”, Ciudad de “Eterna Primavera” y si, un sitio que a est distancia, anhoramos con pasión y nostalgia que solo puede nacer de una decisión tan costosa como un voluntario exilio.

Luego les contaremos mas; por ahora, repito, solo para dejar que el HashTag salga al torrente, y bueno, para no dejar de pasar un solo día sin bloggear!


Ah! Lest we forget, a Weather #Keyframe, courtesy of @WUnderground’s “WUnderous” iPhone app!


En El 64 Día … On The 64th Day of #3rdWinter? #Epiphanies! #Epifanías!

17 Jan

Buenos Días a todos los que quizá leen, los pocos que se subscriben y por supuesto, a los arqueólogos de la nube paquetera, con quienes siempre cuento para motivarme en esta quijotesca aventura en la Blogosfera Circa 2012!

Parte Uno del Audio, nowadays mostly in Spanish, hints of Spanglish for those daring enough? (and the analysts, perhaps?)

Parte Dos (Warning: Contains some politically-driven-drivel… so there, I said I talked ’bout it!… #Primaries, indeed!)

Given the fact that perhaps my voice is not truly resonating in the current echo chamber that constitutes the #SocMed Spheres, that for the sake of acuity, definition and above all, marketability that I’ve decided to highlight my strengths by giving Spanish first billing and who knows, given the boundaryless nature of these communicational streams, give way to a more believable and authentic version of yours truly as after all the time being spent here, now being carefully measured against other, more traditional aspects of the “$earch”


Entonces ahora que estamos un poco mas claros con respecto al enfoque, nuestro tradicional segmento del clima! #Unsponsored by @AlGore’s accoladed Opus on why I am now wondering about all the winter gear, and that quiza la Fourth Layer that just melted, well…

Si! Rehicimos la Aritmética y según hoy es día 64 del #3rdWinter! Son dos meses, quizá los peores, pero con #GroundHogDay solo a…. 16? Días de distancia, q’ les digo…. Seguimos!







#MediaMentoringSociety: Interview with @CynthiaRoldan, apropos CBIT’s at PBCC.EDU (http://www.LaPalmaInteractivo.Com)

5 Jan

Blog Podcast & Tweet Archive



And these tweets this morning…

Credit: https://i0.wp.com/www.deldot.gov/information/media_gallery/2006/interstate_50th/images/i95.jpg


@FJPalacio: #95CNCH con @CynthiaRoldan http://LaPalmaInteractivo.Com http://bit.ly/8yc51S #PBCC http://pbcc.edu/cce.xml #LATISM #MMS #Cinch