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#MediaMentoringSociety: Interview with @CynthiaRoldan, apropos CBIT’s at PBCC.EDU (http://www.LaPalmaInteractivo.Com)

5 Jan

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And these tweets this morning…

Credit: https://i0.wp.com/www.deldot.gov/information/media_gallery/2006/interstate_50th/images/i95.jpg


@FJPalacio: #95CNCH con @CynthiaRoldan http://LaPalmaInteractivo.Com http://bit.ly/8yc51S #PBCC http://pbcc.edu/cce.xml #LATISM #MMS #Cinch

#Cinch… Que Vacilon! This is SOOO MUCH FUN! (on #Broadcasting #Techniques)

24 Nov

Well, here’s what I did today in terms of EXPANDING my ‘arsenal’ (Forget that silly Kingdoms of Camelot, THIS stuff requires more REAL research than what those fake Alchemists do whilst ‘working’ in that Fake hall!) in terms of leveraging what’s out there, for me and my customers.

This neat little Web Platform, essentially allows you to record and later (well, not so late if you have an iPhone, as they already have an app for it… me? DON’T ask!) publish via shortened URL the recording that was made… knowing the little that I know about Telco, I can only THANK those who came up with this very FORWARD looking application of a traditional Voice Mail system, and I can only think of the day when BTR ties it in, as candidly speaking, this interface has much more HORSEPOWER than the one they have for the basic (read: free/unpaid) one at BTR.

Anyway, the feeling of being able to LEVERAGE otherwise wasted time on the car by ‘creating’ these clips, well, it’s just EXHILARATING to some of us (yeah, I’m writing some CAPS as I’m REALLY, REALLY excited about this!)… and why? well, at least for some of us, a nice oldie and a Venti can get our neurons to jump from synapse to synapse, and with Cinch, there’s no LOSS of the ‘concepts’ or ideas that may pour forth at otherwise UNUSABLE times; in other words, we can not only CAPTURE some great thoughts and ‘audio blog’ with them, but also, maybe have a customer’s script ready to be loaded WHILE we drive to that same customer’s meeting? or otherwise leverage tools that may sit unused for a while in the creation of the segments that would drive our BTR show (which I’m sure is the sole reason why BTR is there along with this interface, speculatively speaking?)

Anyway, here are the tweets, at least for me it was a BLAST, and I hope that y’all find them to be worth your while!…


Why I like #Cinch so much? Some of us DO some #Heavy DUTY #Thinking in our cars… Now there’s a way to #Publish it too http://bit.ly/4R9Uno

It would not be a #Maiden #Voyage if there were NO Issues http://bit.ly/8c93lW AND http://bit.ly/86JkpZ #Cinch has me #Clinched! #95CNCH!

#95CNCH, born today @ #Cinch A #Segment ‘guessing’ what drove this #Product‘s #Inception http://bit.ly/8c93lW “Have #Phone, Will #Broadcast

Mi nueva estacion en #Cinch para los #Hispanos! #95CNCH http://bit.ly/4EQBQs un trozo de #Spanglish/#Venezuelean para que se rian un rato!

Okidoki! Anyone out there using #Cinch? #95CNCH was born today http://bit.ly/4KCgIy una nueva ‘estacion’ de radio nacio hoy! (TEST TRACKS 1)

"Can you HEAR me now?... GOOOD"