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On Travel, Relos & Moves – all forms of visiting this planet of ours.

18 Aug

#Quote “I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world” (Me? Needed this proverbial slap in the face to cheer me up as once again the packing tape and them brown boxes gobble up ’em belongings – “Moving is a form of Travel” methinks?) (Specially as I make new acquaintances and pray for new friends in these excellent lands, where ‘watching from afar’ takes on a new meaning as earlier batches of friends and family are well, so far) Finally: This a #Repost plucked from the #Pinterest Torrent, now turned into an #Instawisdom, perhaps?


That was the repost – then I plucked mine originals, found that like everything else Marketers and DIY’ers had posted their take as a caption on an illustration, and overlaid them impactful ones as follows:


“Moving IS a form of TRAVEL” – said the Snail, Hermit Crab, and yes, myself as yet another address change looms!… looking back on all the people and places throughout these ‘Relos’ a lot to think about, trigger it does! (Good thing this time is but half a mile away! pray some of them neighborly acquaintances to keep, future friends as we already miss them, perhaps?)

Pack away, daaarhling!