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#Twitter Wanted some #Feedback on THAT #Retweet Feat? … Sez I “Haz/Haz Not…”

20 Nov

Might as well blame it on my proclivity towards recycling that stuff “sitting” on my clipboard, SPECIALLY once it’s gone past a third paragraph…


... The Fun of Micro-Bloggin'... yeah?

... The Fun of Micro-Bloggin'... yeah?

Anyway, Twitter wanted ME to say something about their “new” RT feat… want to hear it?


“Kinda cool, as it ‘preserves’ the original Tweet, one, and second, it allows for bypassing of Third-Party apps, as was the case in the past your web API/interface.

That said, I am one that likes to “Tweak” those retweets, manually, either as a “response” or to “enhance” them with additional hashtags, comments, or other items; that is now lost, and once again, you have the Third Party apps winning hands down in terms of functionality.

Maybe I’m missing the point, but you DID ask for feedback.

Authentically yours,”