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#SourGrapes: @Instagram ‘s ingesting of that ‘Poison Ivy’-like Feature… #Vine -killer? NOT!

3 Aug


“Release the changes!”

(Google Play Store??? usually follows the fall of my main camera…

and yes, Instagram appears to NOT appreciate the tilt from landscape 2 portrait NOR the opening of my slideout on this D4… Waaazzzzzuppp?)…

No release/upgrade available!

FYI – ( above already posted via GPlay App Fail Tool)

Which apparently is tied to?


These are now happening in sequence… and nothing released for upgrades yet, sorry! 😥


P.S: Worst instance? July 4th…

#InCaseYouMissedIt: @DowntownGarden’s “What’s up With Social Media” Series: Session Three: Facebook Basics

29 Jan

… Hello Media Mentors, Examiner.Com readers!

We were able to broadcast live last evening using UStream:

That said, here we go!

**** Ustream “Show”:


**** Slide Deck/Pitch for SECOND Hour tonight (THREE (3) topics ONLY will be chosen by attendees from this lecture at PBSC)


**** Slide Deck/Pitch we repeat every session, as it contains a useful overview of WHY/WHAT FOR we do Social/New Media at all…


See you soon… FTF or here, via CMAC!

Stay tuned!
Francisco Palacio

  • First Hour of the Session, Broadcast LIVE On @UStream and archived there as well…


  • Second Hour of the Session, Broadcast LIVE On @UStream and archived there as well…


And here we have the video archives from the prior one, on Tuesday 2010 01 12 so that anyone can catch up… want them all? visit us at MediaMentoring.Net for all the proceedings so far – and to stay updated

Hello everyone!

Also: here’s the audio from 2010 01 12’s Session (number two: on Wikis and Communities)



as well as the video from that same night (Session #2)



And the slide deck/pitch (remember, the overview is the same for all sessions; we will only spend a few minutes on it this third time, as we open up the floor to CHOOSE which topics we will be working on that night’s second hour!)


Also, here’s something I wrote on the Event page, as to encourage everyone to bring their tools so we can work together and get somethings done every night you attend:

“We would encourage everyone with a Laptop, Notebook, iPhone or Blackberry to come prepared with these tools as this third session will be the most interactive of all so far, given the feedback we’ve received, we’ll not only be sharing the overview, but also the lecture portion of the class to be given at PBSC soon; however, we’d ask the attendees to pick THREE topics of their choice, so that we can focus the second hour on a sample lab situation…

Webcams, Audio Recorders, Video Recorders and other gear, we also hope you can bring those from now on, as to allow YOUR participation to become part of the interaction!…

Stay tuned also as we give out locations to the LIVE UStream and LIVE CinchCast Broadcasts for this evening, so that you can tune in in case you cannot attend personally – or share with your friends, as to allow them to see you AT WORK with these magnificent tools!….”

So for example, check out what we did together on Friday!


Via @ExaminerCom: @DowntownGarden’s “What’s up With Social Media” Series: Session Four: Open Agenda, thanks to @PBPost

27 Jan


….. As some of you know, our Media Mentoring Societies are meant to be “Locally Grown” yet to have a Global Twist; last night’s proceedings at Downtown at the Gardens proved precisely that, as we had a Facebook acquaintance/friend follow us from Madrid… here’s the exchange:


“Live from @DowntownGardens: A whole CROWD came tonight! Thanks @PBPost (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/bngA)

Yesterday at 7:04pm via Ustream.TV Custom: loading… ·

View Feedback (2)Hide Feedback (2)


@MMSocieties: 2010 01 19 Session: Part One: Overview and Topic Choosing

“Add me to the 4 viewers!

BTW, still waiting on a good explanation about the difference between twitter and facebook 😛

Maybe due to my lack of attention when I watched this (from office)

Nice job by the way, I enjoyed it :)”


“Whoa!… YOU were watching US? From Madrid!???


Really? COOOL!!!!… See More


Did you refer to the slides, BTW?


They’re an INTEGRAL part of what we do… ’em slides allow one to dig deeper into the subject…

Which ones?


The ones on Meetup.Com!


Go ahead! RSVP and make US go Global!

Seriously… we post EVERYTHING there first… UStream is meant to keep us ‘live’ on the web, but there’s also a cleaner (meaning, on a tripod!) video I shoot that gets loaded to Vimeo; usually also a podcast (yeah, we have been remiss, but you may load the Vimeo vids to your iPod/iPhone, right?)

… once you’ve dug through those, we talk!

(we’ve done FOUR sessions so far, covering different aspects of this Brobdingnagian Pachiderm we dare call “Social Media” … IMHO? I prefer Web 2.0 or 2.9, as in the end, it’s just the evolution of the same old tools… right?)




Also, peek at our new e-Newsletter for more… add yourself to the mailing list and/or shoot me an email so I can send you the future ones (we hope to have enough content for a Weekly)

– Socially Yours Premiere Issue -Web Version


… Which in the end, proves the adage “Act Locally, Think Globally” that’s somehow embedded into many of the interactions we conduct on these ‘Social Media’ forums; as mentioned on the video, sometimes it’s more a matter of the QUALITY of the interactions, the fact that people actually care to look at your content, than the actual AMOUNT of people listed on one’s statistics….

Which videos, you may ask? these!

Session Four at Downtown at The Gardens: Open Agenda, Topics covered across the entire spectrum of Social/New Media issues…

One… via Vimeo

Two…via Vimeo (required for LONG videos!)

And the rest, via @UStream (Bookmark us as we’d be stashing our live broadcasts there EVERY Tuesday until the end of February, at least at this location!)



Watch us LIVE Every Tuesday!

Someone Stops Twittering… yet rhap-sodizes about it?

10 Oct

Source: Mashable

Miley Cyrus Quits Twitter, Raps About It [YouTube Video]

Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account this week, citing the fact that tabloids were using the Tweets as fodder for their stories.

But while deleting an online profile doesn’t usually require more than a few clicks, Cyrus went the extra mile and wrote a rap about her reasons for abandoning the site, writes the Daily Mail.

Choice lyrics include “The reasons are simple: I started tweeting about pimples. I stopped living for moments and started living for people,” and “Everything that I type and everything that I do, all those lame gossip sites take it and make it news.”

Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, urged the singer to return to Twitter (Twitter) in a Tweet on Thursday, writing “You can’t leave everyone now.We r countin on u”.

Now, to fix that door...

Now, to fix that door...


Video of The Day: Scott McLeod’s “Did You Know” Version 4.0, Fall 2009

29 Sep

Here, as recommended by @equalman’s Socialnomics video, another Video of The Day: Scott McLeod’s “Did You Know” Version 4.0, Fall 2009

You can find more of these at my YouTube Channel: FranciscoJPalacio

Video of the Day: Social Media Blues! Yeeeehaw!!!

27 Sep

Here’s a fun take on the prevalence of Social Media

Find more, neatly classified in my YouTube Channel

What’s Twitter all about?… “Seen on a Wall Near You” Series

16 Sep
Whats Twitter all about?...

What's Twitter all about?...

A dear friend just wondered what Twittering was all about… me being the helpful evangelist that I am, I gave him a long answer – well, a few long answers, 1,000 character long, as that’s the threshold in Facebook’s Wall’s Comments – and here’s what came out of… so why not share with the Blogosphere, I said?


  • Go to Twitter if you’d like the WHOLE world to know about something; then hit the public_timeline, and find others who may be into the areas you’d like to ‘target’… Follow them, and hope they follow you (then you’ll know where the tweets end up)…
  • Synergy starts the moment you start doing RT’s (Retweets) of GOOD content that they post… then they may do the same for you, out of current Netiquette…
  • Finally, you may want to stick around for #ff (FollowFridays) and send a few tweets through the day with some ‘@Mentions’ (their ID’s, in Status-speak) and those may get caught by those looking for parallel information.
  • And lest I forget, take a look at the people you’d find more likely to lead you to people you’d like to get in touch with, and look at their “following” list (the people THEY follow) and start following away!
  • You’ll be amazed at the info, and the people whom are buzzin’ around in there… as they say “birds of a feather, flock together!”

Hope this helps!

(… Then I realized I had missed a couple of items…)

  • .. and yeah, there people won’t mind if you send these tweets (with some changes, of course) through the day… actually I’ve found that’s how I get more followers, by posting or RT’ing through the day, as much like TV, there are dayparts there as well, and times when people are looking.

    The Twitter Stream - a Powerful component of Social Media

    The Twitter Stream - a Powerful component of Social Media

Check it out!… and hold on to your seat!

(… and yeah, like I said, I’m into long answers… ready for more?)

  • Also: you may want to post these into a blog (for free at WordPress (BEST) dot com or BlogSpot (HAS ADS, GOOGLE ADS) dot com.
  • Then keep the link to the blog in your Twitter Profile, that’s one of the things most of us do check before “following” a “follower”…

…. So reader, what links or sources have you found to better encompass the whole purpose of the Twitter Stream? Care to share?