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Nichiren’s #Gosho – on Lessening Karmic Retribution and facing ‘Obstacles’… (#WorldViews on #WorldPeace, attained through individual reformation)

7 Oct


Sadly (or fortunately?) seeking a “Path of Least Resistance” does not ‘jive’ with what we do – we are supposed to rejoice at encountering hurdles.

Why? ‘cuz then we are supposed to grow in the process of overcoming them.

(That’s how the ‘overdrafts’ are also taken care of, so to speak, when seeing ‘karma’ as a sort of an ‘account’, if you will)

Anywho – snapping this snippet of the ‘major writings’ (Jpn – Gosho) as it is pretty timely, indeed.

(Lessen – Vergessen – Mittagsessen… Yup, I can ramble and alliterate in a few!)… a sort of curse, BTW, when the predominant style is ‘plain spoken’

Good morning Cloud.


P.D: Aqui, ‘rambleando’ (elucubrando?) un pelo sobre la conexión entre los retos presentes – y la palabra, incesante y alentadora del fundador

#HashTags & #Neighbors & Hemispheres of #WorldPeace – intersecting colors, likes and meaningful times…

15 Aug


(Funny how them #Saffron-tinged Balloons are just there, tinging the interaction even further!)

#Hashtagvana ?

1) Randomly shoot a neighbor’s cluster of #Saffron – soaked flowers;

2) Have someone in this here cloud like and point it out; then,

3) Somewhat coincidentally, when one searches for #Saffron ? … one finds out TODAY is actually the 67th Anniversary of #India ‘s Independence!

Interesting?! U betcha!

(Me? Think that “words of praise… courage” affirmation may fit nicely later on?)

So shall we think of #WorldPeace by Approximations’ Interpolations, perhaps!?

… Namaste!

#Thoreau – On Encouragement – as elaborated by Daisaku #Ikeda, #WorldPeace Philosopher

14 Apr

The ‘Daily Encouragement’ is out! (Or so it should, soon, via @SmallRivers?… Stay tuned to #FF!)


"Thoreau, a renowned American Renaissance thinker, wrote in his journal:

"Nothing must be postponed. Take time by the forelock. Now or never!

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment."

We shouldn’t put anything off but seize the moment, living with all our being in the present.

If we do that, he says, each moment will become eternity."

– Daisaku Ikeda


#Encouragement for #Youth: Daisaku Ikeda http://DaisakuIkeda.Org = #Philosophy of #WorldPeace

12 Apr

I am adding a share of what we call [Sensei's] "Daily Encouragement" with everyone around these Feeds through this oft-relaunched @WordPressDotCom Blog – only because I have to use GMail to edit them, typographically speaking, and therefore I am only a click away from yet another place to "lifecast"?… Ready now?

"Young people are the leaders of the 21st century.

For that reason it is important that you have an understanding of history, that you can see through to the heart of things.

A penetrating view of history is essential. A superficial one won’t suffice."

– Daisaku Ikeda

More? Sources at: http://www.DaisakuIkeda.Org