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#Encouragement for #WorldPeace – and its tangible benefits, in a world sorely lacking, sometimes –

11 Sep

The Daily Encouragement:

"Nothing can match the strength of those whose lives have been shaped and forged through challenging and overcoming hardships.

Such people fear nothing.

The purpose of our Buddhist practice is to develop such strength and fortitude.

To cultivate such an invincible core is in itself a victory. It is also the greatest benefit. Those who can succeed in this endeavor will savor unsurpassed happiness; they can manifest the supreme state of Buddhahood."

Daisaku Ikeda, PhD

#ACM = 802.11b…d…g…n (On Theses, Dissertations and Conventions that Rock ur Socks) #Bio

2 Sep

(To a question posited on the value of Professional orgs to both the employee as well as the employer; on them being part of ‘Continual Learning’ per se)


That said…. anyone in the audience ever heard (or participated at one of their events?) of ACM?

Association for Computing Machinery

Not 100% sure if getting your doctoral papers published and then presented at a conference qualifies as ‘Continual’ Learning. All I know is that having AI (Art Institute, mind you!) support us graduates in spending a week at said conference, could qualify as a win-win for both sides.


Actually, SIGGraph ’98

Took place at the Orlando Convention Center… 90% of it, actually, was taken up by it. Having the experience of walking their trade show floor, hangin’ out at some of the lectures, networking – and above all, access to the cavernous halls were one could post one’s resume?

– Priceless

Of course it was also beyond any measure of quantifiable value to peek at some of the other entrants – and realize the dreams of then-nascent Pixar and ever evolving EA were only that, dreams.

Resumes with dual majors, folks comin’ out of CalTech with MFA’s and MBA’s in hand, those had a better chance to end up at Skywalker Ranch.

(As to the thirty-something Latino immigrant with the five-quarter Associate and a reel that required ‘some ‘splainin’ to do’ well, that’s perhaps why I ended up focusing more on the Computer part of the degree, and why nowadays I sketch and shoot and keyframe some animation – as a mere aficionado)

That said, ACM is here at UoPx, been elated to see how in some Syllabi there have been actual requests to dig into their database – mind you, that 802.11n denomination? that was from proceedings at one of their SIG’s (Special Interest Groups) back in February of 1980, were someone set out the theoretical background for WiFi, perhaps?

So yes, I would say that if I had the wherewithal I would pay the yearly fee to be a card-carrying member of ACM – I’m sure there’s an area for BA’s to gather and talk flowcharts until the cows come home, at a resort near you!

(Illustration: @Pinterest #Repost – Source untraceable by now… well, I COULD try to track the pin and at least post the URL, could I NOT?)