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#Whitman – “One Hour to Madness and Joy” from ‘Leaves of Grass’ (… to a parade nearby, this Audio Post or #Podcast ended up being about…)

11 Jul

So we get the study magazine and it features Whitman and that makes us dust off the copy of Leaves of Grass we have been trying to read…. we randomly chose a poet with “Madness” in the title… and then the local High School Marching Band (yeah, as in fife & drums!) is literally displaying the word on their uniforms, emblazoned across?… too many ‘winks’ of #Synchronicity, not to smile about…

And a grid of the parade…


Audio Post

8 Jul

Audio Post

18 Jun

#TDE #Podcast – Strength, more than ever…

15 Jun

A Dare from Bill – and a Table Topic! #CareToShare

14 Jun

Audio Post

29 Jul

Audio Post

18 Jul