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#J18 Aftermath/Takeaways? #FB Friend asked: “What [CENSORED] to your [CENSORED]?… a #SOPAJoke? it ain’t so! :P

19 Jan

Following is an exchange with a dear #FB Friend (and also in real life… haven’t you seen the pics?… it’s all out there, too!) who asked about mid-morning YESTERDAY (#j18) about my Profile Pic/Cover Photos having been removed from #Facebook… so I said, PRIVATELY, as to comply with the protest’s guidelines…


NOT seen it on the news?… do you ever use WikiPedia?…

… it’s a ‘protest’… we’re supposed to be q u i e t today*… something about censoring the web…

... who'd have thought that Weaving & Portman would end up re-viving such an interesing icon... and was it The Wachowskis that sent out the "update'" to the universe, too?... now being 'leveraged' by  #J18 #Occupy, etc...

... who'd have thought that Weaving & Portman would end up re-viving such an interesing icon... and was it The Wachowskis that sent out the "update'" to the universe, too?... now being 'leveraged' by #J18 #Occupy, etc...

Wanna know more?

Try Google-ing (they said they’d also participate!) “#SOPA” and you’ll get some info.

Me? I’m letting the political pundit & activist come out after #31YrsInTheMaking, so yeah, this is my first “cause” that I’m supporting; not that I don’t care about Intellectual Property Rights, BUT I don’t know if you’ve ever messed around with what are called “DNS” servers… NOT the best way to enforce it, NO!

“When The Legislature is in Session, NO one’s Life, Liberty or Property is SAFE”…



P.S: Do u ever watch CNN?… may want to start here, too!

… dunno if it’s your cuppatea politically, we never got to talk about it, but anyway, that’s why today? I’m on ‘stealth’ mode…

Saludos a [CENSORED], while we’re at it… of everyone down there, [CENSORED]… Hasta pronto!”

[T2H: “Think it’s a #SOPAjoke? Don’t think so!… Better a #TweetLine for the Post!”]

*So THAT was the original exchange… today? I am leveraging all my Schedulin’ #ToolPlay to get LOUD tomorrow (when I’m actually going to take a break from all this redirecting… #PunIntended!)


#Sancocho ‘e Cruzao: When @Mafalda met @Fawkes watching @CNNPresents… #DailyJournal, Sunday Edition!

15 Jan

I was going to just post a quote or something easier to digest; but lately, since TV time is so limited, I try to think of the synchronicity and/or value of the channels being flipped; I mean, here’s la Esposa reclamando as to why I wanted to rerun the DVR-ization of “The King’s Speech” (yeah, we watch them Oscar winners when they’re free… whatchagonnado, right?) instead of somethin’ we Stumbled Upon (#PunIntended, with apologies to THEIR #Spideys!) on @HLNTv (where I have usually being going for quickie newsies clips for the past three decades, well before “Fair & Balanced” was available to most of us, so sorry about the brand loyalty, yeah… anyway, thing is, AFTER The King’s done (BTW: Nothing like a well crafted biopic to remind us of how things can really hit “Rock Bottom”… The Greatest Generation, indeed!) the TV sorta jumped to CNN (don’t know how, but IT DID!)… and here’s FINALLY what #SOPA (or #AntiSOPA, if you want the proper ‘hashtagging’ to be applied) appears to be about…

Want to do something too? (About #SOPA, that is!)… the rest? up to YOUR conscience, mine too! 😉


… fast forward to this morning, the new home page, the one about the future, ALSO has more information about the REAL end of the world (DNS Servers being messed up with?… Ay Dios Mio!) next Wednesday; call it #J18, #MobyDickDay, or whichever other variation, the fact is, that we now rely so much on these, that well…


Relevant Excerpt, BTW, for those thinkin’ about goin’ #Incumbent #POTUS, too!

“In fact, the White house blog on the subject almost amounts to a pre-veto of the bills as they now stand (and which have yet to be voted on, much less approved, by either house of Congress).

Specifically, the White House states:

    While we believe that online piracy by foreign websites is a serious problem that requires a serious legislative response, we will not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.”

(@TechCrunch, 2012)

Anyway, today’s a day of worship to most of you, and a workday to the rest of us, so I’ll complete these rethreaded retweets with our usual segment weather; Mississauga’s now single digits, Chicago is blanketed – and Decatur DOES appear to be warmer than both at this point in time! #3rdWinter/Day70, here’s a bit of “belief systems”, 21stCentury 3.0 version… c-ya!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S: And the belief system portion? Well, seems like a certain 13th Century Monk WAS banished and exiled and persecuted BECAUSE of his belief systems – and his proclivity towards putting “people first”… meaning? how about sending a full treatise on why things were like this (yeah, that #NihilSubSoleNovum/Vanity of Vanities thing again!)

“In recent years, there have been unusual disturbances in the heavens, strange occurrences on earth, famine and pestilence, all affecting every corner of the empire and spreading throughout the land. Oxen and horses lie dead in the streets, and the bones of the stricken crowd the highways. Over half the population has already been carried off by death, and there is hardly a single person who does not grieve.

(WND I, p 6 “On Establishing The Correct Teaching for The Peace of The Land”